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Daily Schedule for Thursday March 21, 2019

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9:00A Keystone Clothing Exchange and Consignment Carriage House Boutique Elm
Do you have gently-used clothes or shoes in good condition that you would like to give away, donate or sell for a good cause? Then come participate at our first ever Keystone Clothing Exchange and Consignment. You may either donate your unwanted items or you can choose to consign your items--all of which will be made available to other attendees. The clothing exchange will be held Wednesday from noon until 5 pm and Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm in the Elm workshop room on the first floor. This event is being sponsored by Carriage House Boutique whose wonderful staff will be present to help attendees find those perfect items.

Also, you do not need to bring anything to 'swap.' All attendees are welcome to browse and take items (or purchase consigned items) at the clothing exchange. Dressing rooms are available. Items maybe dropped off at anytime during the hours mentioned. Hangers would be appreciated.

Items remaining at the end of the swap will be donated to local LGBTQ organizations such as Alder Health Services, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization offering high quality healthcare and related services for the LGBTQ community of South Central Pennsylvania. Alder Health operates central Pennsylvania's only free clothing exchange for transgender and non-binary individuals. Cash donations are welcome, too!

So please, DON'T UNDERPACK FOR KEYSTONE and help your brothers and sisters in our community!

Note: All consigned items must be picked up by 5 pm on Thursday or will be considered donated.
9:00A Transgender Personalities in History (from the 15th Century through the 1860s) Melissa Morton Birch

Since humankind began to define the boundaries of gender behavior, there have been people who have defied or crossed over those boundaries. Hear about some of these individuals, from the 15th century through the 1860s. Some of them were male to female, others of them were female to male. Some of them lived as transgender for most of their lives, others for only brief but significant periods in their lives. The deeds of some of these people have inspired books, plays, movies, and even operas. All of them left a legacy of some sort. Although this seminar has been presented before, the roster of historical figures and their stories are new. Brief biographies of each individual profiled are available upon request.
9:00A That Ain't Christian! Rev. Joanne Carroll Dogwood

Rev. Joanne
Today, many on the far right of the political spectrum as well as many within the "evangelical" Christian community are claiming that the actions to end discrimination against marginalized communities violate their religious freedom. This seminar will provide the attendee with an introduction to the following: 1. Did the "Founding Fathers" create a democracy or a theocracy? 2. What should religious freedom really look like. 3. How the evangelicals get it wrong. 4. Do LGBTQ persons of faith have any available options to practice their faith? 5. Taking action to prevent religious persecution.
9:00A Body and Brain Yoga Ms. Emelda Nim Hemlock

Ms. Emelda
This class will concentrate on light stretching, proper breathing, meditation, relaxation and an introduction to Tai Chi. Loose and comfortable clothing such as Yoga pants, sweat pants, T-shirt and socks are needed, Shorts are not recommended. The class will slowly progress from simple stretching to prepare for further exercise, instruction on proper breathing and explanation why proper breathing is important everyday. You'll be taught ways to relax and meditate for everyday life, and accumulation of energy. Introduction to Tai Chi to show further ways to relax and focusing on rebalancing your body.
9:00A Expectations (Spouses & Significant Others Only) Continuing Education Ms. Alexis Lake Salon C

Ms. Alexis
This workshop will discuss how to develop and set expectations not only for the conference, but also in your relationships. It's an opportunity to bounce your ideas off of others with similar circumstances. Come share your concerns and ideas in the privacy of other spouses and SOs with therapist Alexis Lake. This workshop is open only to spouses and significant others of transgender/GQ individuals.
9:00A How Do I Take Care of Me Without Forgetting About You? Continuing Education Amy Keisling Salon D

The trans journey requires a tremendous amount of self-focus in order to navigate its twists and turns. Your relationships with friends and loved ones can ease the pain of traveling this path alone, but sometimes it can be hard to remember to nurture these connections. This workshop will focus on exploring the challenges participants have faced in navigating relationships during the trans journey.
9:00A Mastering the Art of Contouring and Highlighting Brittney Minor
Natalie Rosario
Salon E


Highlighting and contouring don't necessarily come natural. It can be intimidating trying to apply powders and creams several shades darker and lighter than you skin tone in hopes of enhancing, or de-emphasizing, your facial features. There's often a fine line between creating a natural-looking shadow effect as opposed to looking like you have tried painting an entirely new face with dirt smudges. Certified MAC Makeup Artist Brittney will explain how to feminize the face through contouring and highlighting. She will discuss how to identify your skin tone and face shape, the tools used in contouring, techniques in applying color correctors, concealer, foundation, powder and blush; and most importantly, what and what not to highlight.
10:00A Tea Time with Jenny Ms. Jenny Jensen Dog & Pony Lounge

Ms. Jenny
For those of you that are attending the Keystone Conference for the first time or feel you need a little moral support, join Jenny Jensen as she hosts 'Tea Time with Jenny.' It’s an informal gathering of first timers, newcomers and anxious attendees in a comfortable and discreet setting. It’s an opportunity for those that are unsure of themselves and want to start off their Keystone experience on a good footing, learn a little more about the conference and how it can help them.

We can also provide you with a Big Sister or Big Brother to help you get through the apprehension, worry and nervousness you might be feeling attending the Conference. For more information and to sign up for 'Tea Time with Jenny' contact Jenny at to start your Keystone Conference off on a positive and enjoyable note.

'Tea Time with Jenny' starts each morning at 10 am in the Dog and Pony Lounge.
10:30A A Brief History of Transgender Issues-How We Got Where We Are Ms. Maryellen Madden Birch

Ms. Maryellen
This workshop addresses transgender history from a variety of perspectives starting with the vocabulary we use to describe and distinguish the transgender community. A discussion of the legal landscape over time provides a backdrop for the changing response of transgendered persons to institutional repression. The historical record covered includes the Civil War, the era of cross-dressing balls, the Pansy Era, the riots at Cooper Donuts and Compton Cafeteria, the sit-in at Deweys and then the response to the police raid at Stonewall. Substantial attention is paid to the difficulties the transgender community encountered gaining acceptance from the LGB portions of the rainbow, including the exclusion of transgendered persons from ENDA and the impact of Janice Raymond's writings and the exclusion that ensued at West Coast music venues and the Michigan Musicfest, and that continues today. Hypotheses are offered for how these impasses were and are being overcome. How the historical record differs for people of color is addressed in a number of perspectives. A substantial discussion is anticipated over the role of physicians in the emergence of transgendered persons, including the pivotal role of Johns Hopkins and how the void was filled when Hopkins withdrew. The emergence of trans-specific advocacy organizations and scientific advances in gender identity (beginning with Herschfeld) will be discussed as time allows.
10:30A Coming Out: Family, Friends, and at Work as a Professional Ms. Holly Evans Chestnut

Ms. Holly
As attendee's at the Keystone Conference we are all at various stages of understanding and acceptance of who we are. Some are just beginning their journey and are here taking it all in, while others have been traveling along for several or even many years and are hear re-connecting with friends, gathering additional information on a specific topic of interest, or learning of the latest surgical procedure to help us as bring our bodies in line with our minds as we struggle with our dysphoria. Deciding who you wish to share your journey with, and how, or weather you wish to transition but are fearful of the consequences, occupies our minds and often time our every thought. How do I tell my Spouse, My family, my friends. What about the people I work with. My boss or my clients, In my case, my staff and the various corporations and government agencies I work with every day. What about my job? Who you tell and when, as well as how you tell your story can greatly affect the outcome. There is no one way, and there is no guarantees, but how you approach this decision and how you choose to share your story with others can greatly affect the outcome and the end results. Understanding who your audience is, and if you believe they may be supportive or not is important. Building a support team around you and having a plan is equally important, because once the Genie is out of the bottle there is no putting it back.
10:30A Creating Age Inclusive Movements Terri Clark Dogwood

Trans older adults are often overlooked by their fellow sexual and gender minority communities, and their voices and contributions must be raised in our political movements. SAGE's National Resource Center on LGBT Aging has released a guide to improve an LGBT organization's capacity to engage and serve LGBT older adults. This presentation will use this resource and provide concrete suggestions for engaging our LGBT older adults, with a focus on trans aging. We will begin with an introductory discussion of aging and ageism and then examine a set of suggestions for age inclusion drawn from SAGE's work. Participants will gain suggestions for programming and events for transgender older adults, effective outreach strategies, and methods for combating ageism.
10:30A Telling Your Children Continuing Education Ms. Alexis Lake Salon C

Ms. Alexis
There are many factors to consider in coming out to your children as a transgender parent. First, do they need to know at all, if you are not publicly transitioning? Of course, there are the how, when, what, and where issues, not to mention the developmental level of the kids in question, and the knowledge/support of their other parent. These factors will all be addressed in this workshop. Let's talk about your level of comfort with yourself and your existing relationships with your children. What are your goals? What do you want them to feel and to understand about this part of you? How can you help them to feel safe and loved through this transition in your family? We will go over some basic recommendations to keep in mind, but also invite you to ask your own questions and share your personal experiences with telling your children - your fears, successes, disasters, and everything in between. Please join us for this discussion. I can't tell you how to deal with your children, but I'm sure that listening to others' ideas will be helpful.
10:30A Health Insurance and Trans* Related Health Care Continuing Education Liz Leen Salon D

Navigating health insurance is difficult for anyone and having specific needs can be confusing. This workshop will address some of the questions regarding health insurance and Trans* health related needs.

· How do I find out what is and what is not covered by insurance without outing myself at my job?
· What gets disclosed to my insurance company if I am transitioning or planning to transition (both medical and psychological)?
· Are there any possibility of repercussions?
· Are hormones covered by most insurance?
· What documentation do insurance companies require?
·How does the process work?
10:30A Exquisite Eyes Brittney Minor
Natalie Rosario
Salon E


Learning to use eye makeup is no easy task, even for seasoned divas. And there is no shame in admitting that! From picking the right shades to angling your brushes, it's easy to get confused about the best ways to make your eyes pop. Certified MAC Makeup Artist Brittney will offer techniques on how to apply make-up correctly so as to give your face a pretty polish for an interview or sultry drama for a fun night out. She will discuss eye shapes and contouring, benefits of using primers, color palette selection, and proper application of eyeliner and mascara to achieve the 'perfect' eye makeup look for you. So come learn how to master the best techniques for those Exquisite Eyes!
12:00P Thursday Luncheon with Guest Speaker Andy Marra Andy Marra Commonwealth Ballroom

Andy Marra is executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF). Prior to TLDEF, she spent five years leading external communications at the Arcus Foundation; managed public relations at GLSEN, a national organization focused on LGBTQ issues in K-12 education; was co-director at Nodutdol for Korean Community Development; and served as a senior media strategist at GLAAD. Andy currently serves on two boards including Freedom for All Americans and Just Detention International. She has previously served on the boards and advisory councils of Chinese for Affirmative Action, the Funding Exchange, Human Rights Campaign, and the National Center for Transgender Equality. Andy has been honored by the White House and the City of New York for her contributions to the LGBTQ community, profiled in The Advocate’s “Forty Under 40,” and listed as one of The Huffington Post’s “Most Compelling LGBT People.” She is also a past recipient of the GLSEN Pathfinder Award, the National LGBTQ Task Force Creating Change Award, NQAPIA Community Catalyst Award, and the Colin Higgins Foundation Courage Award.
1:30P Debutante Outing - Nail Salon Debutante Sisters Front Lobby
Looking to get your nails done but are a little nervous to go alone? Join our Big Sisters on a Debutante Outing to the local nail salon behind the hotel. Contact the Debutante Program Director at with questions.

You Must Be Signed In to Sign-up
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
1:30P Debutante Outing - Shopping Debutante Sisters Front Lobby
Looking to do a little shopping but a4e a little nervous to go alone? Join our Big Sisters on a Debutante Outing to local stores and shops. They can help you achieve your 'look' and help alleviate any jitters and apprehensions about being out in public. So if you want to get serious about your appearance and learn some of the tricks of the trade come join our Big Sisters. Contact the Debutante Program Director at with questions.

You Must Be Signed In to Sign-up
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
2:00P Improving Transgender Older Adults Health Access Through Care Planning Continuing Education Terri Clark Ash

Trans older adults are less likely to have children and more likely to live alone. When a medical crisis occurs, if adequate planning is not in place to support the patient, the results can be a costly reliance on paid caregivers and early institutionalization. This increases the risk of poverty, falling into economic insecurity, and poor health outcomes. During this session, attendees will engage in interactive care planning exercises where they will learn the components of creating a care plan and support network for medical procedures. Attendees will receive their own care planning workbook.
2:00P Transgender Personalities in History (from the 1860s to the Present Day) Melissa Morton Birch

Since humankind began to define the boundaries of gender behavior, there have been people who have defied or crossed over those boundaries. Hear about some of these individuals, from the 1860s to the 21st century. Some of them were male to female, others of them were female to male. Some of them lived as transgender for most of their lives, others for only brief but significant periods in their lives. The deeds of some of these people have inspired books, plays, movies, and even operas. All of them left a legacy of some sort. Although this seminar has been presented before, the roster of historical figures Melissa talks about changes each time out. Brief biographies of each individual profiled are available upon request.
2:00P Gender Dysphoria & Transgender: A Short Primer to Understanding Sex, Sexuality and Gender Identity Ms. Randi Sue Potter Chestnut

Ms. Randi Sue
Whether you are transgender, think you might be transgender, or know someone who is transgender, the terms and descriptions can be confusing. We will make sense out of the terms sex, sexuality, and gender, including many gender expressions, learn what part chromosomes, genes, drugs (both prescribed and non-prescribed) and our brain have in this process - to help us each understand ourself, and why we think and feel the way we do. Attendees will receive a copy of the booklet "Gender Dysphoria & Transgender: A Short Primer to Understanding Sex, Sexuality and Gender Identity".
2:00P Wigs Selection and Maintenance Donna Miller Dogwood

Donna will show you the proper ways to select a wig that compliments everything about you and your lifestyle. You'll learn about wig maintenance to make your wigs always look their best and last longer. She will show you how to create different looks for all your life needs. She'll be looking for models, so come on in and have some fun while you learn many things that will help you achieve your goals.
2:00P Navigating the Legal Name Change Process in Pennsylvania Mr. Thomas Ude, Jr.
Brenda Klitsch
Salon C

Mr. Thomas
Ude, Jr.

A legal name change affirms identity, and improves safety and security. To obtain a legal name change in Pennsylvania, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. This workshop will review the steps in the court’s process, explain what one will need to begin and complete that process, and provide information about assistance that is available.
2:00P Relationship Priorities – Languaging and Negotiation: An Approach to Keeping the Relationship Together While Transitioning Continuing Education Dr. Judith Bienvenu
Ms. Susan Bienvenu
Salon D

Dr. Judith

Ms. Susan
Discussions often focus on the needs of the transitioning transgender individual, somewhat exclusive to the needs of the relationship with a partner. This course will turn the focus to the relationship between the transgender person and their spouse. Transition is a very difficult time for a couple, and frequently leads to the loss of the relationship. We do not believe this has to be the inevitable outcome, and hope to offer our experiences in the hope that others can find them useful. We discuss aspects such as “couples transition,” and skills in languaging and negotiation. These approaches are proven techniques in couples counseling, and have helped us tremendously in our journey through Jude’s transition. Come join us for discussions and exercises that can help bring a new understanding to the power of language and negotiation.
2:00P T-gurl Talk: Life Post-Op Ms. Debra Soshoux Salon E

Ms. Debra
Okay, you just traded-in your old clunker stick-shift for a top-of-the-line automatic with right-hand drive. Yes, your dealer told you to change the oil regularly but he didn’t give you an owner’s manual! So... how does it work? What is life like after SRS? Is it the way we imagined or did a wrong turn drop you in a blind alley? We’ll let our hair down and candidly share our post-op fantasies and lives. With apologies to male-identifying persons, this one's strictly for the girls--pre and post-op.
3:30P SO Sanctuary Hemlock
The "Spouse & Significant Other Sanctuary" is a refuge, open daily from 3:30 to 5:00 pm for all spouses and significant others of transgender partners ONLY. It is a place where you, the partner of a transgender person, can relax and speak freely to other spouses and significant others.

Our sanctuary leaders are there to offer their shoulder, support, encouragement and to stand with you. Please join us in supporting each other--there is hope and help, together.
3:30P Hiding in Plain Sight - Poetry of Transition Ms. N. Catherine Glenn Ash

Ms. N. Catherine
Who do you talk to - or scream to - when you are alone? How do you do this when you desperately want to share something about yourself that you are absolutely not permitted to share? While many have turned to journaling, I turned to poetry and took my words public. Learn how poetry helped me voice some difficult admissions to myself, privately scream about what I saw in the world around me and acted as a springboard to conversation when I have come out to friends. In addition to a reading and discussion of several of my poems, audience members will be encouraged to share a short poem they have composed.
3:30P Key Items to Start Any Wardrobe Mrs. Lindsey Taub Birch

Mrs. Lindsey
A working wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that flatters you, won’t go out of fashion, and can be updated with seasonal pieces. Whether you’re wondering how to build a cohesive wardrobe or would like to add cohesive pieces, I’d like to help. Staple items offer clean lines, versatility, and may be worn multiple times in a week – WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING! In this interactive workshop you will learn what are some of the key pieces and how to wear them with confidence. We will discuss the nuances of patterns versus solids, accessories from scarves to belts, and anything in between!
3:30P Did Your Online Data Already Out You? Mrs. Stephanie Anne Jeffries Chestnut

Mrs. Stephanie Anne
Every day, you read about data breaches, hacks of personal information, and stolen identities. These recurring, frightening facts of modern life are especially alarming to trans people - many of whom have strong and deeply personal reasons to tightly-control their online identity. These days, your identity online is entirely comprised of data - even images and sounds are data. But your data is already far-flung around the internet and probably out of your control. And if you're in stealth mode, concerned about being unintentionally outed, actively redefining yourself, or simply worried about what you might lose if hacked, then your head is probably spinning right now. [ kisses your forehead ] Attend this session for a sister's expert guidance on keeping your online identity safe, controlled and consistent - so that you alone can manage how out your trans identity is. The content is ideal for anyone who wishes to maintain the privacy of their identity - but will be particularly useful to anyone who needs to keep their trans and non-trans identities separated online (or shut down one or the other). We'll review several scenarios for (and principles of) maintaining privacy of identity. Then, we'll dive straight into the different ways and places that your data is held – with organized and actionable tips on taking full control of your identity (or identities) online. Throughout the program, sharing of audience insights and participation are warmly welcomed but not expected. (This session will precede a workshop where we’ll act upon these tips together in real-time)
3:30P Relationships within the Context of Gender and Sexuality Dr. Gennifer Herley Dogwood

Dr. Gennifer
This Group participatory workshop will explore the feelings of anyone in the Trans Community who has or would like to integrate their identity and sexuality with their spouse, girlfriend and or significant other. Regardless of your unique situation whether you are full-time, part-time, have realized your identity early or late. Whether, you consider yourself to be transgender, MTF, FTM, Non Binary, crossdresser, genderfluid or other. Whether, you sexually identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or other. As a group let’s hear each other’s stories so that may learn from one another. There are always similarities and differences from where we come from. Hopefully by sharing stories you will discover where you are going and where you would like to be in your current or future relationship. So come share your story in this workshop and let’s find some strategies and new ways to communicate in the relationship you are in or would like to be in
3:30P What To Expect After Gender Affirming Surgery Mrs. Shannon Whittington Salon D

Mrs. Shannon
In this interactive and energetic presentation Shannon describes the challenges of coming home with new or different body parts. Designed for health care professionals in general, but also applicable to anyone who is considering gender affirming surgery, this presentation covers all the basics of what to expect once surgery is completed. Shannon provides the challenges and possible complications but also the triumphs of a successful surgical intervention. The audience leaves with a clear understanding of reasonable clinical expectations of gender affirmation surgery.
3:30P Making the Most of Part-Time Womanhood Miss Sally Stone Salon E

Miss Sally
For those of us who don’t necessarily subscribe to the concept of a gender binary, or who simply aren’t in a position to transition, this discussion will offer ideas and concepts to help us make the most out of being part-time women. This seminar is for trans women, like myself, who choose to live only part of their lives as women. Our discussion will delve into the challenges we face as part-time women and offer possible solutions to help us overcome many of those challenges. Particularly, we will focus on the best ways to achieve true, feminine self-expression. Topics will include dress, style, presentation, self-confidence, and achieving balance. I plan to use my own experiences as the catalyst for discussion, but hope to generate considerable input from audience participation. My intent is show others that we can live fulfilling, feminine lives, even if only doing it part of the time.
5:00P Thursday Reception Dog & Pony Lounge
Gather in the Sheraton's Dog & Pony Lounge for some social time!
5:00P Friends of Bill W. Meeting Sibil G. Ash
This meeting welcomes those who think they have a problem with alcohol and/or any other substance, and will be based on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.
6:00P Hollywood Casino & Penn National Race Track Suzane Oliva Front Lobby
Dining at Hollywood is always a special experience. They offer a variety of choices, each with its own special flair, unique flavors, and the kind of red-carpet service you deserve. Take a look at the following page to see what they’ve got and get a taste of Hollywood. Hollywood Casino features over 2,450 reel, video slot and video poker machines ranging from one penny to $100, with all the hottest games currently available. And with over 50 table games and 16 poker tables, Hollywood Casino has a game for everyone.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:00 pm. Don't forget your bus ticket and a photo ID! The casino will check to see that you have an ID--not what the picture looks like!
6:00P Keystone Business Alliance Mixer TCPA & Sheraton Assemble Area
The Sheraton Hotel and TransCentralPA, host of the Keystone Conference, are active members of the Keystone Business Alliance and for the past several years have hosted a joint-mixer for the Keystone Business Alliance and Keystone attendees. The members of the Keystone Business Alliance have strongly supported the Keystone Conference since it's inception and look forward to the opportunity to meet the attendees of Keystone. So come join us, the Sheraton staff and the Keystone Business Alliance for libations, tasty hors d'oeuvres and friendship!
6:15P Dinner at Rubicon DeeDee Allen Front Lobby

Located in downtown Harrisburg’s restaurant district, Rubicon looks out onto The State Capital Building and is a playfully French inspired, bar-centric restaurant, offering honest, epicurean fare. Committed to honoring our local community and growers, their menu offers L’hamburger with Pommes Frites to Boeuf Bourguignon (Braised Boneless Short Ribs) with entrée prices ranging from $14 - $26. In addition, the beautiful bar at Rubicon is proud to boast a selection of 24 French wines offered by the glass or bottle, innovative craft cocktails, and locally crafted beers.

Visit the Rubicon website for menu options. Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15 pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:30P Keystone Bingo! Jenny Jensen Salon B
Come celebrate Keystone’s annual BINGO party with your friends, colleagues and fellow Keystone attendees. Keystones Bingo Night is back with more prizes, fun trivia, plenty of pizza and soft drinks for everyone. Bingo Girls and Boys from the four corners of the earth have been eagerly waiting all year to have a chance to win valuable prizes, meet old and new friends, eat some delicious pizza and have a great time eagerly waiting for the Big Bingo Bonanza to come their way.
6:45P Dinner at Gilligans Bar & Grill Mr. Mason Luke Front Lobby

Mr. Mason
Gilligan’s offers both casual and fine dining and strives to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers. Their menu features fresh seafood, perfectly seasoned steaks, hand cut veal and homemade pasta dishes. Freshly baked sub rolls and healthy garden salads are all made from scratch. Their daily varieties of soup are guaranteed to please and are always homemade in our kitchens. Gilligan’s is proud to serve Vintage Premium Natural Beef which has no added hormones and is raised without antibiotics and on a 100% vegetarian diet. We are well known for a succulent Prime Rib, which is seasoned and slow cooked overnight. Prices range from $10 - $45.

Visit the Giligans website for menu options. Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:45 pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
8:30P Karaoke in the Dog & Pony Lounge Mr. B Dog & Pony Lounge
Come and join us for Karaoke in the Dog & Pony Lounge! You've shown us your inner woman, now bring out your inner Diva! Belt out a ballad! Croon your tune! Raise the roof on some rock and roll! And even if you don't want to sing, you won't want to miss Keystone's very own version of American Idol!
8:30P Keystone Dance Party Ray Smith Salon E
Come join us for the Keystone Dance Party in Salons C, D & E.


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