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9:00A Native American Transgender Spirituality Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Dr. Kenneth Dollarhide Birch

Dr. Kenneth
Among many native nations and tribes there are three or four genders. In many of these nations and tribes transgender people are seen as one who has been blessed and they hold a powerful and sacred place within the community. In some tribes they marry, often becoming the second wife. In some they participate in all the women's ceremonies. In addition they fulfill sacred rituals, give secret sacred names, are often consulted about marriages, etc. In this workshop we will look at and examine this tradition that has unfortunately all but disappeared among many nations and tribes.
9:00A History, Biology and Balance Ms. Allyson Hale Dogwood

Ms. Allyson
This presentation is broken into three parts:

1) History: Starting with the first transgender individual in 1503BC and walking through time; showing key people in our history.

2) Biology: Touching on the XX, XY, XXY, X0 and expanding on the importance of hormone receptors and/or inability of the receptors during pregnancy and its impact on us.

3) Balance: Why it is important to “own” our individual journey; how to do so, with helpful hints, in order to create balance within our own lives
9:00A Body and Brain Yoga Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Ms. Emelda Nim Hemlock

Ms. Emelda
This class will concentrate on light stretching, proper breathing, meditation, relaxation and an introduction to Tai Chi. Loose and comfortable clothing such as Yoga pants, sweat pants, T-shirt and socks are needed, Shorts are not recommended. The class will slowly progress from simple stretching to prepare for further exercise, instruction on proper breathing and explanation why proper breathing is important everyday. You'll be taught ways to relax and meditate for everyday life, and accumulation of energy. Introduction to Tai Chi to show further ways to relax and focusing on rebalancing your body.
9:00A Ask a Spouse/SO Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Ms. Kate Weber
Ms. Susan Bienvenu
Mrs. Karen Lehman
Salon C

Ms. Kate

Ms. Susan

Mrs. Karen
This panel of spouses/significant others (SO’s) provides an opportunity for transgender individuals to ask questions of other SO’s regarding relationships, feelings, and emotions. The panel can also act as a sounding board for conversations that a transgender person may want to have with their spouse/significant other. The SO’s on this panel have asked their transgender spouses to not be in the room so as to provide an open and honest forum. This workshop may be able to offer perspective and insight on how your journey affects the ones you love.
9:00A Self-Advocacy for Health Care Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Liz Leen Salon D

Health Self-Advocacy is learning how to speak up for yourself, making your own decisions about your health, and learning how to get information about your health. It includes finding a healthcare provider who will understand your unique needs and support you in your healthcare decisions. Knowing your rights and responsibilities, problem solving, listening and learning, reaching out to others when you need help and friendship, and learning about self-determination
Advocate for your healthcare needs!
* Speak up,
* Make your needs and wishes known
* Understand what extra documents you may need to have your decisions respected and followed by health care providers
* Get the information you need to better understand your health and your care
* Find out who supports you and to where you can reach out for help or support
* Know your rights and responsibilities
9:00A Keeping your Online Identity Safe + Private Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Mrs. Stephanie Anne Jeffries Salon E

Mrs. Stephanie Anne
Every day, we read of the latest information breach, wherein identities are stolen and personally-identifiable information is lost. This recurring, frightening fact of 21st century life is especially concerning to trans people - many of whom have strong and deeply personal reasons to tightly-control their online identity, whether you're in stealth mode, concerned about being unintentionally outed, or simply worried about what you might lose if hacked. The session offers a sister's expert guidance on keeping your online identity safe, controlled and consistent - so that you alone can manage how out your trans identity is. The content is ideal for anyone who wishes to maintain the privacy of their identity - but will be particularly useful to anyone who needs to keep their trans and non-trans identities separated online. We'll review several scenarios for (and principles of) maintaining privacy of identity. Then, we'll dive straight into organized and actionable advice which you'll need to take full control of your identity (or identities) online. Throughout the program, sharing of audience insights and participation are warmly welcomed but not expected.
10:00A Tea Time with Jenny Jenny Jensen Hotel Restaurant

For those of you that are attending the Keystone Conference for the first time or feel you need a little moral support, join Jenny Jensen as she hosts 'Tea Time with Jenny.' It’s an informal gathering of first timers, newcomers and anxious attendees in a comfortable and discreet setting. It’s an opportunity for those that are unsure of themselves and want to start off their Keystone experience on a good footing, learn a little more about the conference and how it can help them.

We can also provide you with a Big Sister or Big Brother to help you get through the apprehension, worry and nervousness you might be feeling attending the Conference. For more information and to sign up for 'Tea Time with Jenny' contact Jenny at to start your Keystone Conference off on a positive and enjoyable note.

'Tea Time with Jenny' starts each morning at 10 am in the Dog and Pony Lounge.
10:00A Interactive Posing Workshop in the Dog and Pony Lounge: Portraits Included Mrs. Cassandra Storm Dog & Pony Lounge

Mrs. Cassandra
Do you want to look better in your selfies and pictures with your friends? Do you know the difference in how to pose more feminine or masculine in your pictures? Learn everything you need to know to take the perfect picture when you are home or out on the town with this fun, interactive posing workshop. This seminar will include live, interactive demonstrations on how to pose sitting, standing, in groups of all sizes and with various props and accessories. This seminar will take place in the Dog and Pony Lounge with class participants as models at the bar and restaurant tables. Bring your camera and cell phones and get your picture photographed on Cassandra’s camera as well. Portraits taken during the seminar will be gifted to seminar participants. $69 per participant. Small class size with limited availability. Pre-registration and payment recommended, contact Cassandra Storm via email at to register.
10:30A Wig Selection and Maintenance Donna Miller Birch

In this workshop, Donna will explain the differences between human hair and synthetic hair pieces, the different type of fibers used and how to get a proper fit. Participants will be able to model several different types of wigs while the room helps decide which is best and why.
10:30A Transgender Personalities in History (from the 15th Century through the 1860s.) Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Melissa Morton Dogwood

Since humankind began to define the boundaries of gender behavior, there have been people who have defied or crossed over those boundaries. Hear about some of these individuals, from the 15th century through the 1860s. Some of them were male to female, others of them were female to male. Some of them lived as transgender for most of their lives, others for only brief but significant periods in their lives. The deeds of some of these people have inspired books, plays, movies, and even operas. All of them left a legacy of some sort. Although this seminar has been presented before, the roster of historical figures and their stories are new. Brief biographies of each individual profiled are available upon request.
10:30A What about Part Time Trans Women---We Are Trans, Too! Mrs. Jennifer White Elm

Mrs. Jennifer
What About Part Time?

“Transgender” encompasses a wide variety on the gender spectrum, including those who dress or express their femininity or masculinity “part-time”. While nearly all begin part-time, some remain “dual-gendered”, either by choice or constrained by outside factors. Exploring and sharing the reasons why, and our respective solutions, we gain greater understanding, support, mechanisms for coping, and more confidence in our lives and exploration of selves. This talk is open to all, including significant others, full time trans men and women, and those simply interested in the subject. The workshop will explore these issues, and include open discussion the last third.
10:30A Expectations (Spouses & Significant Others Only) Spouse/SO Program Ms. Alexis Lake Salon C

Ms. Alexis
This workshop will discuss how to develop and set expectations not only for the conference, but also in your relationships. It's an opportunity to bounce your ideas off of others with similar circumstances. Come share your concerns and ideas in the privacy of other spouses and SOs with therapist Alexis Lake. This workshop is open only to spouses and significant others of transgender/GQ individuals.
10:30A Letter Writing for Counselors Continuing Education Liz Leen Salon D

This workshop will outline the process of evaluating clients for hormone therapy and surgical interventions. Providing information that must be in a letter to a prescribing physician. The workshop is based on guidelines from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care (7th Edition), and the DSM-5’s criteria for Gender Dysphoria. The workshop will explore the general assessment process for both trans men and trans women, as well as those who identify as genderqueer and gender expansive.
10:30A A Best Practice Approach and Model for Providing Community Support Services via Virtual Format to Transgender Inmates Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Mr. David Radziewicz
Sarah Boateng
Carole Mattis
Salon E

Mr. David


The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) brought the unique needs of transgender inmates to the forefront of correctional awareness. As part of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections’ (PA DOC) efforts to ensure transgender inmate health and safety needs are met across each of its facilities, a need for peer support was identified and implemented in an innovative forum. In this session, attendees will be presented with an overview of the PA DOC’s virtual transgender support group and keys for replicating the service within correctional agencies. The treatment and support of transgender individuals within a correctional setting is often limited to hormone therapy and individual counseling with staff who have limited experience working with transgender individuals. Compounding these limitations, transitioning inmates often have a limited peer support within their assigned facilities. Those inmates who are questioning their gender identity or who have made the decision to transition behind the walls are often left with challenges and questions that are best answered by individuals from community support services, relevant state agencies and those who have previously traveled the same path. This session will cover outreach and partnership with an outside advocacy organization, TransCentral PA and the recruitment of subject matter experts, from local LGBT Health Center Alder Health to form a virtual transgender community across multiple facilities. In this session we will share our established ground rules, how to partner with other state agencies and how to overcome technological challenges to establish the group.
12:00P Thursday Luncheon with Guest Speaker Gavin Grimm Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Gavin Grimm Commonwealth Ballroom

Gavin Grimm came out as transgender during his sophomore year in high school. With his principal's permission, he used the boy's restrooms at school for almost two months without any problems, but then a handful of parents went to the school board to complain about him. Eventually, the school board voted to ban him from using the boys' restrooms at school. With help from the American Civil Liberties Union, Grimm sued his school. His case worked its way up to the Supreme Court and was set to be argued in March 2017. However, the Supreme Court sent Grimm's case back to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to be reconsidered in light of the Department of Justice and Education pulling back the previous administration's Title IX guidance clarifying protections for transgender students.
1:30P Debutante Outing - Nail Salon Debutante Sisters Front Lobby
Looking to get your nails done but are a little nervous to go alone? Join our Big Sisters on a Debutante Outing to the local nail salon behind the hotel. Contact the Debutante Program Director at with questions.

You Must Be Signed In to Sign-up
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
1:30P Debutante Outing - Shopping Debutante Sisters Front Lobby
Looking to do a little shopping but a4e a little nervous to go alone? Join our Big Sisters on a Debutante Outing to local stores and shops. They can help you achieve your 'look' and help alleviate any jitters and apprehensions about being out in public. So if you want to get serious about your appearance and learn some of the tricks of the trade come join our Big Sisters. Contact the Debutante Program Director at with questions.

You Must Be Signed In to Sign-up
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
2:00P Movie Screening "Thy Will Be Done - A Transexual Woman's Journey through Family & Faith", a film by Alice Bouvrie Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Hemlock
Thy Will Be Done follows Male-to-Female Transsexual Sara Herwig in her journey to ordination in the Presbyterian Church. The Church’s conservative groups do not recognize Sara as female and challenge her fitness and eligibility to be a pastor. In addition, it is crucial to Sara’s success that she has support from friends and family. The documentary explores the way in which alternative lifestyles and permanent choices of identity have the power to tear a family completely to pieces, only to bind it back together again, more closely but differently, than it has ever been before.

Thy Will Be Done highlights that point of tension where gender, family relationships and faith intersect as contextualized in the Presbyterian Church in particular, and in the broader religious community in general. At issue is the organized Christian Church, with all its political and financial power, as one of the fiercest battlegrounds for LGBT rights and gender recognition. And as for Sara, she actively seeks not only to participate in the Ministry as an openly transgendered person, but as an activist she seeks to transform a world – spiritual and otherwise – that operates by conventional notions of sex and gender. Sara’s journey weaves an absorbing story of struggle, hope, and the celebration of the human spirit.

For more information about the film, please visit the website.
2:00P Keys to Success in Voice Feminization Nina Irani Birch

Many women long for that beautiful, lilting female voice that reflects who they truly are, but question whether they can achieve it. Whether you’ve tried to change your voice with YouTube videos, CD’s or a speech pathologist and haven’t reached your goal yet; or if you haven’t known where to start, the good news is that a feminine voice could be closer than you realize. In this session you will learn about the process of voice feminization - what it is, how it works, how long it takes and the keys to your success. You will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that prevent women from getting the results they've been aspiring to. You will also learn a short vocal routine to begin to identify your feminine voice - and perhaps hear it for the very first time - and explore potential next steps in your journey towards a beautiful, authentic female voice.
2:00P Coming Out…..The Good, The Bad and the Indifferent Dr. Gennifer Herley Dogwood

Dr. Gennifer
This Group participatory workshop will explore the feelings and Experiences of anyone in the Trans Community who has or would like to express their identity to their spouse, girlfriend, significant other, Friends, Family, Work and the World at Large! As a group let’s hear each other’s stories so that may learn from one another. There are always similarities and differences from where we come from. Hopefully by sharing stories you will discover where you are going and where you would like to be currently or in the future. So come share your story in this workshop and let’s find some strategies and new ways to help one another communicate our Authenticity to our loved ones and the World!!
2:00P DIY Couture Susannah Robinson Elm

Slide show based, participatory mini-workshop on Do-It-Yourself Couture -- specifically, making relatively inexpensive outfits for occasions like the Keystone Gala. We'll start with making up a dress form, and then move to the black skirt outfit made for the 2016 Gala and the dress made for last year's Gala as examples of what can be done quite reasonably using off-the shelf components. [The inspiration for the 2017 dress was the IBM-Watson Marchesa dress that Karolina Kurkova wore to the Met Gala.] If interested participants can bring articles/outfits they've created, we can share tips and techniques.
2:00P We Serve All Who Served Continuing Education Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Dr. Holly Kricher
Ms. Lori Warne
Salon C

Dr. Holly

Ms. Lori
There is much confusion about what services are available for LGBT Veterans through the VA Healthcare System. This workshop will review the most recent directives put forth by the VA regarding health care for both LGB and T Veterans. We will also discuss health disparities found in the LGBT population and why it's important to share sexual health information with medical providers.
2:00P Relationship Priorities – Languaging and Negotiation: An Approach to Keeping the Relationship Together While Transitioning Continuing Education Spouse/SO Program Dr. Judith Bienvenu
Ms. Susan Bienvenu
Salon D

Dr. Judith

Ms. Susan
Discussions often focus on the needs of the transitioning transgender individual, somewhat exclusive to the needs of the relationship with a partner. This course will turn the focus to the relationship between the transgender person and their spouse. Transition is a very difficult time for a couple, and frequently leads to the loss of the relationship. We do not believe this has to be the inevitable outcome, and hope to offer our experiences in the hope that others can find them useful. We discuss aspects such as “couples transition,” and skills in languaging and negotiation. These approaches are proven techniques in couples counseling, and have helped us tremendously in our journey through Jude’s transition. Come join us for discussions and exercises that can help bring a new understanding to the power of language and negotiation.
2:00P Why Are You and I Transgender? Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Mrs. Thomas Bevan Salon E

Mrs. Thomas
What are the potential causes of being transgender? Which are supported by evidence and which not? Surprisingly, there are several often-cited causal factors that are not supported and some are definitely refuted. In this seminar, we will review the evidence at a top level and illustrate with stories. You do not need detailed knowledge of science to follow the presentation, just interest in the subject. Some of the candidate causal factors that we will review include genetics, epigenetics, fetal testosterone levels, fetal exposure to toxic drugs and chemicals, early learning, childhood abuse, child rearing practices, culture and choice. Current evidence suggests that four of these factors work together to make someone transgender. Can you guess which ones? We will summarize the evidence and answer questions.
3:30P SO Sanctuary Spouse/SO Program Private Dining Room
The "Spouse & Significant Other Sanctuary" is a refuge, open daily from 3:30 to 5:00 pm for all spouses and significant others of transgender partners ONLY. It is a place where you, the partner of a transgender person, can relax and speak freely to other spouses and significant others.

Our sanctuary leaders are there to offer their shoulder, support, encouragement and to stand with you. Please join us in supporting each other--there is hope and help, together.
3:30P Relationships within the Context of Gender and Sexuality Dr. Gennifer Herley Birch

Dr. Gennifer
This Group participatory workshop will explore the feelings of anyone in the Trans Community who has or would like to integrate their identity and sexuality with their spouse, girlfriend and or significant other. Regardless of your unique situation whether you are full-time, part-time, have realized your identity early or late. Whether, you consider yourself to be transgender, crossdresser, genderfluid, MTF or other. Whether, you sexually identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or other. As a group let’s hear each other’s stories so that may learn from one another. There are always similarities and differences from where we come from. Hopefully by sharing stories you will discover where you are going and where you would like to be in your current or future relationship. So come share your story in this workshop and let’s find some strategies and new ways to communicate in the relationship you are in or would like to be in
3:30P Trans People In the Bible Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Rev. M.C. Johnson Dogwood

Rev. M.C.
Terminology has changes for the trans experience from culture to culture and age to age. Even in Biblical times trans people had to find a way to live in their culture. Just because modern words were not used does not mean they were not there. I would like to share the trans lives I see in Scripture and explore ways to find affirmation of our lived experience as reflected in the lives of some Biblical persons. As we see how God caring for and blessing trans persons of the past, we may find it easier to believe that God would want to care and bless us. I will be sharing how imagination can be used as a helpful spiritual tool in Biblical interpretation.
3:30P Best Practices for Working with LGBTQ+ Clients of Intimate Partner Violence Continuing Education Educator's Program Christiana Paradis
Tory Smith
Ms. Sandy Ludwig



Ms. Sandy
This interactive session will incorporate a discussion of what intimate partner violence and sexual violence look like and how it affects members of the LGBTQ+ community similarly and differently than those who don't identify as LGBTQ+. It will also discuss best practices and considerations for professionals working with LGBTQ+ victims of intimate partner violence and/or sexual assault. This session will include structured discussion questions regarding program services as well as a brief overview of recommendations based on policy, practice, and theory.
3:30P Where Are You Going and How Will You Know When You Get There? Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Ms. Alexis Lake Salon C

Ms. Alexis
An interactive workshop that will explore the range of answers to the question "What is your destination? Male? Female? Trans? Other? How and why did you decide that? Do you have a course laid out? How fast or slow will you go? When will you arrive, and how will you know you are there? Who have been your role models both positive and negative? Will you enjoy the journey? What is right for YOU? Let’s talk!

This session is designed for anyone who wonders how others think about these questions, including helping professionals. I hope to help people better understand the many different ways of thinking about gender, and presentation, and perhaps to better understand their own travel plans.
3:30P Why Transphobia? Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Dr. Jeanine Ruhsam Salon D

Dr. Jeanine
Despite the seeming popularity and acceptance of all things transgender today, 2017 has the highest rate of transwomen murdered of all years to date. Why are instances of transphobia and transmisogyny increasing? In this workshop Dr. Ruhsam will present a short lecture that explores the cultural, religious, and political history that lies behind the discrimination and disapprobation suffered by those people who transgress America’s sex/gender system. The remainder of the session will be question and answer followed by lively, interactive discussion. A thorough understanding of why most Americans hold deeply felt convictions about gender and sexuality is necessary for us to see a way towards shaping our nation’s future—a brighter future that uses the tools of justice and compassion to realign the gender/power structure.
3:30P Law Enforcement, the Criminal Justice System and the Transgender Community Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Ms. Sarah Moore Salon E

Ms. Sarah
The media is full of stories that paint law enforcement in a negative way and consequently create the perception that one should be afraid of law enforcement officers. While this is a topic of great debate amongst politicians and citizens alike the inevitable fallout is the creation of some level of fear for the average person. This fear is magnified when you are the member of a group, like the transgender community, that has historically been misunderstood, marginalized, ridiculed, abused or worse. This workshop will look at various situations in which members of the transgender community may interact with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. We will explore options for successfully navigating situations that range from traffic stops to felony level criminal investigations. Attendees will receive a quick reference card with the top five tips for interacting with law enforcement. Audience participation and the sharing of personal experiences is encouraged but not required.
5:00P Thursday Reception Dog & Pony Lounge
Gather in the Sheraton's Dog & Pony Lounge for some social time!
5:00P Friends of Bill W. Meeting Sibil G. Ash
This meeting welcomes those who think they have a problem with alcohol and/or any other substance, and will be based on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.
6:00P Hollywood Casino & Penn National Race Track Suzane Oliva Front Lobby
Dining at Hollywood is always a special experience. They offer a variety of choices, each with its own special flair, unique flavors, and the kind of red-carpet service you deserve. Take a look at the following page to see what they’ve got and get a taste of Hollywood. Hollywood Casino features over 2,450 reel, video slot and video poker machines ranging from one penny to $100, with all the hottest games currently available. And with over 50 table games and 16 poker tables, Hollywood Casino has a game for everyone.

Don't forget your bus ticket and a photo ID! The casino will check to see that you have an ID--not what the picture looks like!
6:00P Central PA Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Mixer TransCentralPA Assemble Area
TransCentralPA, host of the Keystone Conference, is an active member of the Central Pennsylvania Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CPGLCC). For the past several years, TransCentralPA along with the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel have hosted a joint-mixer for the CPGLCC and attendees during the Keystone Conference. The members of the Chamber of Commerce eagerly look forward to meet and socialize with us during several of the events at Keystone. So come join us and members of the Pennsylvania Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for libations and tast hors d'oeuvres and meet some new friends!
6:30P Keystone Bingo! Jenny Jensen Salon B
Come celebrate Keystone’s 6th annual BINGO party with your friends, colleagues and fellow Keystone attendees. Keystones Bingo Night is back with more prizes, fun trivia, plenty of pizza and soft drinks for everyone. Bingo Girls and Boys from the four corners of the earth, or, at least Pennsylvania have been eagerly waiting all year to have a chance to win valuable prizes, meet old and new friends, eat some delicious pizza and have a great time eagerly waiting for the Big Bingo Bonanza to come their way.
8:00P Comedy Night with Jaye McBride Jaye McBride Salon A

Join us in Salon A of the Commonwealth Ballroom for a night of laughs with Jaye McBride.

Jaye McBride is an upstate New York comedian who's been featured all across the capital district as well as New York City, Vegas and LA. She's worked with comedy greats like Aziz Ansari, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait and many others. She's also appeared in the Boston Comedy festival, Maine Comedy Festival and She Devil comedy festival. In addition to stand-up, Jaye has written, produced and acted in a variety of short films. When not performing on-stage or on-screen Jaye writes "The Comedy Blog" for the Albany's Times Union and speaks at colleges all across the country with her lecture about being transgender called "Trans 102: the Chamber of Secrets".

Having transitioned in 2007, Jaye is uniquely qualified to talk about awkward first dates, strained family relationships and self-acceptance. Make no mistake though, Jaye McBride is not a gimmick or one-trick pony. Being transgender doesn't just make her a great target at roasts; it has also given her a uniquely dark and dry sense of humor that will leave you laughing when you know you really shouldn't'. She is one genuinely funny lady!

To purchase last minute tickets, please check in at the Keystone Registration desk.
8:30P Karaoke in the Dog & Pony Lounge Mr. B Dog & Pony Lounge
Come and join us for Karaoke in the Dog & Pony Lounge! You've shown us your inner woman, now bring out your inner Diva! Belt out a ballad! Croon your tune! Raise the roof on some rock and roll! And even if you don't want to sing, you won't want to miss Keystone's very own version of American Idol!
9:30P Keystone Dance Party Ray Smith Salon E
Come join us for the Keystone Dance Party in Salons C, D & E.


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