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Daily Schedule for Friday March 09, 2018

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8:30A Prayer Breakfast Rev. Joanne Carroll
Ms. Kimberly Moore
D&P Private Dining

Rev. Joanne

Ms. Kimberly
Many people like to begin their day with prayer. Prayer in the morning is good way to sidestep the distractions that come when people are struggling with issues in their lives. Come join us for inter-denominational friendship and fellowship in the back of the Dog & Pony Restaurant in their Private Dining Room. This event is open to all faiths and those individuals wanting to experience the power of common prayer. When we gather, there is power in our chorus that is lifted towards God. Morning Prayer is the best way to command the day and grow closer to each other and God.

Food and beverage at individual expense.
9:00A Makeup for Blending in Elizabeth Taylor Ash

Makeup artist Elizabeth Taylor will demonstrate how to create and apply natural-looking makeup. The goal is to help transgender women across the gender spectrum blend in mainstream settings like shopping malls, restaurants, and the workplace. Beth will draw from her five years of experience working with transgender women at her Washington, DC makeover and photography studio. Audience participation and questions are encouraged.
9:00A But you Lied To Me - A Way to Work Through the Emotions (SOs Only) Continuing Education Spouse/SO Program Ms. Susan Bienvenu Birch

Ms. Susan
This is a seminar for the SOs about the emotional tumult created by the announcement by their spouse of the intention to present as, or to transition, to the opposite gender. Some SOs do not have support that understands both perspectives, that being, the elation of the transitioning spouse juxtaposed with the angst of the SO. Something that I have heard expressed is that the SO was lied to and that the transitioning spouse 'hid this from me'. Betrayal is another term used. Although I can see that perspective, I think there is a healthier point of view that can also allow the SO to process the situation and move beyond this. A lot of SOs have heard the cleansed version "I was just so upset" of the SO, but not the full on development of the emotional state over time. At every step during the way, the SO often feels that things won't get better, can't get better and just might get worse. But as we all know, there are many outcomes and just about all of them are positive. The workshop is SOs only to allow these attendees the opportunity to discuss this particular aspect - the sense of betrayal - in a room without feeling the need to edit.
9:00A One Size Does Not Fit All – Building A Better Support Group Corinne Goodwin Chestnut

Have you ever wanted more from your local support group? Would you like to start one in your area?

One size does not fit all in the trans community and whether it is information, social activities, activism or access to resources, nowadays, many trans people are looking for more than a monthly meeting when they join a transgender support group. Like many support groups, Lehigh Valley Renaissance has seen rapid growth over the past few years – increasing its reach by over 16 times – and that has created new challenges and opportunities.

In this interactive seminar, participants will learn how LV Renaissance undertook its effort to expand its services to include trans women, trans men, queer folk, trans youth, parents of trans children and the Cis community. We will also share and discuss the challenges support groups face for the future, best practices and opportunities.

This is a perfect opportunity for people to share their vision for what they are looking for in terms of support activities – Why not join us!
9:00A Financial Literacy 101: Making Real “Money Moves” Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program K. Kenneth Davis Dogwood

K. Kenneth
Financial illiteracy is a silent epidemic that is plaguing LGBT youth and adults of America today. Statistics show that when LGBT youth are forced to be on their own as a result of rejection from their families’ and/or societal discrimination, many do not know how to survive, let alone thrive. For example, a large number of LGBT youth and adults are unemployed, or underemployed without proper health benefits, subjected to living below the poverty line, and the most devastating, homeless. To help combat this preventable epidemic, the financial literacy workshop utilizes creative, entertaining, and relevant methods to educate LGBT youth and young adults on the importance of financial literacy. This workshop not only provides education but also equips them with the necessary financial tools to become financially independent. After completing the workshop, participants will be able to make informed financial decisions, properly manage their money, and gain lifelong skills that will help them endure any financial crisis they may encounter. Most importantly, the financial literacy workshop and its curriculum directly responds to the unique needs of LGBT youth and young adults and prepares them to not just survive, but thrive.
9:00A How to Transition Successfully on the Job Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Ms. Victoria Datta Elm

Ms. Victoria
This workshop gives transgender individuals who are seeking to transition on the job the necessary tools to reach their goal successfully. In the presentation, we will review 1. The Basics (you need to address when considering transition on the job), 2. The Plan (you need to create), 3. The Execution (how to realize your plan), 4. The Adjustment (it's not all rainbows and unicorns, be prepared), 5. The Integration (remember it's a journey not a single date). This Workshop has been adopted into Federal Govt., I myself along with many others who have attended my workshop in prior years have used it to successfully transition in their own workplace.
9:00A Body and Brain Yoga Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Ms. Emelda Nim Hemlock

Ms. Emelda
This class will concentrate on light stretching, proper breathing, meditation, relaxation and an introduction to Tai Chi. Loose and comfortable clothing such as Yoga pants, sweat pants, T-shirt and socks are needed, Shorts are not recommended. The class will slowly progress from simple stretching to prepare for further exercise, instruction on proper breathing and explanation why proper breathing is important everyday. You'll be taught ways to relax and meditate for everyday life, and accumulation of energy. Introduction to Tai Chi to show further ways to relax and focusing on rebalancing your body.
9:00A A New Era - More Options for the Transfeminine Patient in the Pursuit of Patient-Centered Care Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher Salon C

Dr. Sidhbh
Gender confirmation surgeons are recognizing the importance of patient-centered care in the treatment of gender dysphoria. In this workshop aimed at patients, their families and providers, Dr Gallagher will outline the range of less well-known surgical options for the trans-feminine patient. These range from non-operative facial feminization to individualized bottom surgery techniques. Dr Gallagher will also discuss advances in post-operative care of MTF patients using a multidisciplinary approach, in particular the role of pelvic floor physical therapy. Finally, she will discuss her teams ongoing efforts to improve patient education and modernize surgical transition.
9:00A WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), the Standards of Care, and Counseling the Trans-Identified Patient Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Dr. Michele Angello Salon D

Dr. Michele
The presentation will identify the recommended requirements to be met prior to medical transition as well as the counselling process gender specialists use to determine the need for transitional treatment methods.
9:00A Will Religion Trump Your Transgender Rights? Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Rachel Alpert Salon E

Opponents of LGBT rights are back in the Supreme Court. Last year they pressed the Supreme Court to invalidate transgender bathroom rights. (The administration change sent that case into limbo.) Now, shepherding a Colorado baker into the Supreme Court as a religious freedom champion for refusing to make a cake for a gay couple, they are pressing religious and “free speech” exceptions from all federal AND state anti-discrimination laws. What will happen to transgender – and all LGBT - rights?
10:00A Tea Time with Jenny Jenny Jensen Hotel Restaurant

For those of you that are attending the Keystone Conference for the first time or feel you need a little moral support, join Jenny Jensen as she hosts 'Tea Time with Jenny.' It’s an informal gathering of first timers, newcomers and anxious attendees in a comfortable and discreet setting. It’s an opportunity for those that are unsure of themselves and want to start off their Keystone experience on a good footing, learn a little more about the conference and how it can help them.

We can also provide you with a Big Sister or Big Brother to help you get through the apprehension, worry and nervousness you might be feeling attending the Conference. For more information and to sign up for 'Tea Time with Jenny' contact Jenny at to start your Keystone Conference off on a positive and enjoyable note.

'Tea Time with Jenny' starts each morning at 10 am in the Dog and Pony Lounge.
10:00A Interactive Posing Workshop in the Dog and Pony Lounge: Portraits Included Mrs. Cassandra Storm Dog & Pony Lounge

Mrs. Cassandra
Do you want to look better in your selfies and pictures with your friends? Do you know the difference in how to pose more feminine or masculine in your pictures? Learn everything you need to know to take the perfect picture when you are home or out on the town with this fun, interactive posing workshop. This seminar will include live, interactive demonstrations on how to pose sitting, standing, in groups of all sizes and with various props and accessories. This seminar will take place in the Dog and Pony Lounge with class participants as models at the bar and restaurant tables. Bring your camera and cell phones and get your picture photographed on Cassandra’s camera as well. Portraits taken during the seminar will be gifted to seminar participants. $69 per participant. Small class size with limited availability. Pre-registration and payment recommended, contact Cassandra Storm via email at to register.
10:30A How Do I Take Care of Me Without Forgetting About You? Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Amy Keisling Ash

The trans journey requires a tremendous amount of self-focus in order to navigate its twists and turns. Your relationships with friends and loved ones can ease the pain of traveling this path alone, but sometimes it can be hard to remember to nurture these connections. This workshop will focus on exploring the challenges participants have faced in navigating relationships during the trans journey.
10:30A Children and Gender Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Marc Strawderman Birch

This workshop focuses on how fluid children’s perspective of gender is. It is addressed how children are more likely to accept a person’s gender than some adults. Research articles and Marc’s personal experiences are used for evidence of this. Marc will also address what it is like raising children while transitioning.
10:30A Navigating the Legal Name Change Process in Pennsylvania Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Iveliz Crespo Chestnut

A legal name change affirms identity, and improves safety and security. To obtain a legal name change in Pennsylvania, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. This workshop will review the steps in the court’s process, explain what one will need to begin and complete that process, and provide information about assistance that is available.
10:30A Transition in Communities Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Ms. Lilia Weber Dogwood

Ms. Lilia
Decades ago, the model for a transgender person to transition was to effectively go into a self-designated witness protection program and sever all connections to their previous identity. That path had huge costs to the individual and isn't the generally accepted model anymore. Lilia, the presenter, will discuss a path of transition where one stays connected to their full life. Our goal shouldn't be limited to be the gender we need to be but to be all the person we are meant to be. Lilia will present her experience with her transition process and the communities that have given her strength and help her stay grounded during life’s events and ongoing transition. The workshop will have time for group discussion and sharing of communities of strength. What communities give you strength?
10:30A Transgender Military Service in the Trump Era Continuing Education Bree Fram Elm

On June 30th, 2016 the Department of Defense announced the end of the ban on transgender military service. Since then the transgender military community has experienced elation and anticipation followed by uncertainty, concern, and trepidation. We celebrated the announcement of open service, but recognized there was a lot of work still to be done on the practical implementation of the policy over the next few months. With the emergence of policy, people began engaging with the process and discovered there was still widespread disparity in information and results. After the election uncertainty, doubt, and fear about attempts to roll-back the policy change crept into the conversation. Then the tweets came for us. This workshop will discuss the past year of events surrounding transgender military service. We’ll cover the President's attempt to roll back the clock, the legal challenges, policy and even some success stories that have occurred. We’ll also discuss the current environment, where we go from here, and have Q&A with currently serving transgender members of the armed services.
10:30A Together But in Our Own Time--When both Parent and Child Transition Mr. Nick Greiner
Ms. Sibil Mae Greiner

Mr. Nick

Ms. Sibil
Mae Greiner
Though transitioning is a deeply personal and introspective process, it doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It is as distinct an experience to transition as it is to be the parent, child, partner or friend of someone who is. My mother, Sibil, and I are fortunate because we began our social and medical transitions less than two years apart. As we transition together, we have a unique opportunity to learn about ourselves, each other, and the differing challenges we face. Our individual perspectives are rooted within the context of our own experiences. It is not only the similarities that deepen our bond and understanding, but also the contrasts. Parent to child, Baby Boomer to Generation X, MtF and FtM. Our experience has been enlightening in many ways, not the least, learning that even when you are trans* you can still learn something about being an ally.
10:30A IT'S NOT Not Natural – The Biology of Sex and Gender Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Dr. Brenda Vulpes Salon C

Dr. Brenda
The title makes reference to the frequent assertion that being transgender is not natural. Statements such as, “it goes against the laws of nature”, reflect a lack of understanding of sexual expression in the natural world. This raises the question, what do sex and gender really mean from a scientific perspective? This workshop will explore how the sexes differ, how they are similar, and how sexual expression and gender identity are more naturally viewed as a broad range of forms and behaviors. We will examine mechanisms of sex determination and development, including the roles of chromosomes, genes, hormones, and the environment. The extreme diversity of sexual expression in nature provides the basis for understanding, just what is natural?
10:30A Facial Feminization: Customized Evaluation and Treatment for Optimal Results Continuing Education Dr. Sherman Leis Salon D

Dr. Sherman
Dr. Leis will demonstrate and explain classic prototypes of masculine and feminine facial features. He will discuss a variety of options for feminizing facial features and demonstrate that in the majority of cases, excellent results can be obtained without extensive and expensive cranio-facial surgery. Cases are shown demonstrating excellent and natural results from selective and customized facial feminization procedures.
10:30A Feminizing the Male Face without Surgery Ms. Amanda Richards Salon E

Ms. Amanda
I will cover makeup application techniques to bring out the female in any male. This will include, foundation application, enhancing the shape of your face with contouring and highlighting, eye shadow application, including how to do a smoky eye, and how to get that pouty looking lip. Attendees should bring their pad and paper to take notes, and I will answer any questions throughout the presentation.
12:00P Friday Luncheon with Guest Speaker Mara Keisling Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Mara Keisling Commonwealth Ballroom

Mara Keisling is the founder and executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, the nation’s leading social justice advocacy organization winning life-saving change for transgender people. Mara’s strategy and vision have guided NCTE’s work since 2003. She has led organizational and coalition efforts that have won significant advances in transgender equality, including the inclusion of gender identity in the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act from 2007 onward and countless other federal- and state-level wins. Mara also co-authored Injustice at Every Turn, the groundbreaking 2009 report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, and the report of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey. As one of the nation’s leading voices for transgender equality, Mara is regularly quoted in national and local print media and has appeared on major television networks, including being part of the first all-transgender panel on a national news show in 2012. Mara, a proud Pennsylvanian, received her bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and did graduate work in American Government at Harvard University. Prior to founding NCTE, Mara worked for 25 years in social marketing and opinion research.
12:00P Spouse/SO Luncheon at the Lancaster Brewing Company Spouse/SO Program SO Directors Front Lobby
Spouses and significant others are invited to join others for an offsite luncheon at the Lancaster Brewing Company. Please meet in the hotel lobby at 11:45 am.
1:30P Debutante Outing - Nail Salon Debutante Sisters Front Lobby
Looking to get your nails done but are a little nervous to go alone? Join our Big Sisters on a Debutante Outing to the local nail salon behind the hotel. Contact the Debutante Program Director at with questions.

You Must Be Signed In to Sign-up
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
1:30P Debutante Outing - Shopping Debutante Sisters Front Lobby
Looking to do a little shopping or get your nails done but ae a little nervous to go alone? Join our Big Sisters on a Debutante Outing to local stores and shops. They can help you achieve your 'look' and help alleviate any jitters and apprehensions about being out in public. So if you want to get serious about your appearance and learn some of the tricks of the trade come join our Big Sisters. Contact the Debutante Program Director at with questions.

You Must Be Signed In to Sign-up
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
1:30P Free HIV/STD Testing Alder Health Services TBA
Getting tested for HIV and STDs is one important thing you can do to protect your health, your relationships, and your future. You can access free HIV and STD testing right here at Keystone, offered by Alder Health Services. Alder Health is a health services organization focusing on improving the health and well-being of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBTQ community by providing a culturally competent and affirming environment that empowers the people they serve.

The testing will be conducting using both urine and blood samples. Urine tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea while blood tests for syphilis and HIV. Rapid HIV tests will be available on a case-by-case basis. Results typically take 1-2 weeks and Alder Health will not contact you unless there is a positive result. Individuals are welcome to call in after a week to receive their results over the telephone. If a test is positive, Alder Health provides free treatment to local folks. Those who are not local and test positive, Alder Health is able to call a prescription into a pharmacy near you and will assist in finding a free clinic in your area.

The Alder Health team will be on site to provide free HIV and STD testing on Friday, March 9, 2018 from 1:30pm-5pm. Stop by their table for more information and to sign up. Questions, please contact Alder Health at or call 717-233-7190.

You Must Be Signed In to Sign-up
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
2:00P Writing Your Coming Out Letter Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Ms. Sophie Lynne Ash

Ms. Sophie
Declaring your Truth to the world, also known as "Coming Out," is one of the hardest things a person will ever do in their lifetimes. Coming out affects everything and everyone in your life. Many people choose to do this via the written word, be it read in person, sent via email, or posted on social media. This workshop will cover two types of the "Coming out" letter: Personal and Professional. While each person's experiences are unique, there are enough commonalities that we share that we can learn from each other. What NEEDS to be said? How do I say it professionally? How can I write my letter to give me the maximum possibility of acceptance? These topics will be covered and more, by sharing the letters of those who have already gone through the process, as well group discussion.
2:00P This TRANSformation Isn't Just For Me, But Includes My Family!! Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Mr. Kylar Maldonado
Kimberly Burr

Mr. Kylar

Have you ever felt on top of the world when you came out as transgender? But, deep down, did you feel rather worried about how your family would react? Well, this transition will not only affect you with the pronouns, name, how you'll be seen in school, how you'll dress, and such. But, have you ever taken a moment to assess how your mother may feel by "losing" her daughter? Or how your dad may feel about "losing" his son? In this workshop , you will hear personal stories and see how many others all over the world have faced coming out to their family. All feelings are valid and deserve a voice.
2:00P Transgender and Sports Ms. Christine Penn Chestnut

Ms. Christine
Sports have always been at the forefront of social movements. From Jessie Owens to Billy Jean King to Renee Richards. And whether or not you’re athletic, an avid sports fan or just plain Jane and/or John Doe, how sports define gender will affect us all. This workshop discusses the history of sex/gender based sports competition and the challenges sporting agencies are having trying to incorporate the new-norms of gender. We’ll examine current policy regarding chemical testing as it relates to HRT as well as look at the physical effects of HRT on athletic abilities. Finally, we’ll discuss important rulings like the ‘Stockholm Consensus,’ the controversies that surround these actions, and what to expect in the future.
2:00P Sexual Healthcare as Resistance Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Noah Penny
Mr. Andrew Alexander


Mr. Andrew
This session focuses on sexual health disparities among marginalized populations, and suggests that one of the many ways of taking our power back and to dismantle oppressive systems is to empower our community to value our collective sexual health via individual action. We will discuss a brief history of sexual health disparities within the LGBTQ+ population, and provide resources to overcome barriers facing queer sexual health, thus starting the build of a healthier queer community.
2:00P Couple's Therapy Continuing Education Spouse/SO Program Dr. Michele Angello Elm

Dr. Michele
Dr. Michele Angello devotes much of her practice to counseling couples with a transgender or transitioning partner. In this workshop- open to all who are in a committed relationship that contains a transgender or gender non-conforming person- she will engage the audience in discussing typical problems and will suggest methods for their resolution. She will also serve as moderator so participants can share their own experiences and issues in a collective and supporting setting.
2:00P What the Wig? Laurie Chism Hemlock

Have you ever wondered if your wig is right for your face shape? Have you wondered what coloring matches your skin tone? Have you wondered how to style your wig natural hair as you transition? Have you questioned how to properly care for your hair/wig? Have you wondered what the difference is in a $60 wig and a $1600 wig?   If you answered yes to any of these questions this workshop is for you.   Join style and beauty expert Laurie Chism, in this fun, interactive, and educational workshop See your confidence level s o a r as you learn the skills to expertly style your wig/hair. Laurie Chism will both entertain and inspire you, while teaching how to choose what wig looks best for your face, shape and color!              
2:00P Gender Confirmation Surgery Workshop Continuing Education Transmasculine Program Dr. David Whitehead Salon C

Dr. David
This workshop is designed to provide an up-to-date review on current surgical techniques for transfeminine and transmasculine procedures. This includes facial feminization, breast augmentation, chest surgery, and transfeminine and transmasculine bottom surgery (vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, and phalloplasty). The workshop is geared towards community members, primary care providers, and mental health providers.


-To provide an overview of current options for transmasculine and transfeminine surgical procedures
-To review the pre- and post-operative care
-To review the multidisciplinary nature of care
2:00P Transtrenders and Pretenders Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Dr. Jeanine Ruhsam Salon D

Dr. Jeanine
The behavioral phenomenon termed "transtrending" is becoming quite widespread across the western world. It refers to those who present as transgender because it is "in," trendy or is perceived to offer some advantage within certain situations. Instances of this, fraught with legal and political import, are rapidly being used as a rationale to discredit and deny the legitimacy of transgender people. I focus on three different institutions where such behavior is being significantly encountered— carceral, health care and college and secondary school campuses—and discuss its ramifications in terms of how it affects the care and management of the individuals suspected of manifesting it, what its probable impact on public policy may be and the detrimental effect it will likely have on the larger transgender population.
2:00P Beyond the Binary: Exploring Non-Binary Healthcare Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Transmasculine Program Dr. Jarrett Sell
Dr. Katharine Dalke
Salon E

Dr. Jarrett

Dr. Katharine
This workshop will identify steps for exploring appropriate gender-affirming non-binary care through a discussion of current mental health and medical resources.
3:30P SO Sanctuary Spouse/SO Program Private Dining Room
The "Spouse & Significant Other Sanctuary" is a refuge, open daily from 3:30 to 5:00 pm for all spouses and significant others of transgender partners ONLY. It is a place where you, the partner of a transgender person, can relax and speak freely to other spouses and significant others.

Our sanctuary leaders are there to offer their shoulder, support, encouragement and to stand with you. Please join us in supporting each other--there is hope and help, together.
3:30P Transition and Recovery: The Balancing Act Continuing Education Transmasculine Program Amy Keisling Ash

Are you in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse? Having a social and support group during transition can be challenging if working your program prevents you from working the available social activities. Going out publicly as who you are can be an anxiety-producing experience : lots of social events can be alcohol-centered. How can someone in recovery find support and connection without risking relapse? The goal of this workshop is to provide a place of safety and understanding for attendees in recovery. Come share and build support for yourself and others.
3:30P A Naming Ceremony Ms. Jean Russ
Dr. Eileen Abel

Ms. Jean

Dr. Eileen
Some cultures mark a woman’s transitions from one role and age in life to the next with ceremony. As a girl becomes a woman and as woman’s role changes as she ages these passages are marked by her peers and society. In some cultures these transitions may even include a change in name. Transgender people are often alone when they make this transition from a name given to them when they are born to the name they choose as their authentic self. They make this important change in their lives in isolation and with little recognition from others. For many of us changing names is a deeply personal part and important part of becoming our true self. In my transition I was fortunate to have five ciswomen as guides and as support; and as sisters in a truly meaningful sense. One of my sisters, a former professor of women’s studies, crafted a naming ceremony to formally acknowledge that I was putting aside my old life and to welcome me to a sisterhood. The experience of the ceremony was deeply meaningful and moving for me, the change of name was a signal of finally emerging as who I am. It seems more people in the process of emerging into an authentic life, of changing names would find meaning in such recognition by their community. This presentation would share the experience but more importantly share the script of the ceremony itself and include time for discussion with the author of the ceremony.
3:30P Gender Diversity in the Arts Ms. B'Ellana Duquesne Chestnut

Ms. B'Ellana
D.C. based actor B'Ellana Duquesne discusses her experiences as a trans-actor on stage, perception of trans people in the media, casting challenges for trans actors and how those experiences opened new insights on her own presentation particularly seen though her experience as the lead in Phillip Dawkins' play "Charm."
3:30P Personal and Professional Success after Transition Family & Youth Program Nikki DiCaro Dogwood

Transitioning to our authentic self can be daunting. The physical transition is only the beginning. Success comes each day we walk through life realizing we have truly found acceptance. Acceptance comes in many forms and is driven primarily by how we adapt and assimilate. Struggles abound - our desire for individuality and uniqueness clashes with the world's expectation that we fit in. Fitting in can feel claustrophobic. But we've desired to be perceived and viewed as our authentic gender. This intersection of individuality and conformity can spell success or failure. How do we balance these sometimes competing goals? I take you through a step by step discussion of becoming your authentic self and living fully without compromising yet delivering on the world's expectations in order to provide much sought after acceptance.
3:30P FTM Top and Bottom Surgery: Superior Aesthetic Results in a Customized One-Stage Procedure Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Dr. Sherman Leis Elm

Dr. Sherman
Options for FTM Top Surgery will be presented and variety of cases will demonstrate excellent results in masculinization of the chest. Options for Phalloplasty will also be discussed. Dr. Leis will utilize multiple case presentations to demonstrate superior aesthetic results obtainable utilizing abdominal or groin flaps for Phalloplasty, labial deconstruction for Scrotoplasty and the options of testicular and penile implants. This surgery is done in one stage and results in a sensate penis via clitoral transposition, no grossly deformed donor site and the ability to have sexual intercourse with erotic sensation.
3:30P Building a Personal Support System to Live an Authentic Life Ms. Gabrielle Spierer Hemlock

Ms. Gabrielle
It's important to have supportive people in your life to move forward, be authentic, and feel good about yourself. Everyone's definition of authentic is different. Gabrielle will share her knowledge and experiences building a support system to help you find your authentic life. They will include: How to overcome fear to move ahead in our lives. Sharing about ourselves in a safe environment, Getting support from family and friends. Expanding support by developing a chosen family and making new friends. Going to counseling to build internal strength and become authentic, Joining support groups and how to find those people. Ms Spierer will talk about the use of social media, the internet and the importance of personal interaction. Gabby will also discuss building a strategy for coming out at work successfully. She'll share her experiences of coming out on the job successfully to almost 1,000 customers and management at Newsday, the 13th largest newspaper in the US, in an environment where she dealt with the public as an independent contractor serving at will, and having no protections. This will be an will be interactive workshop and held in a circular format so that participants can feel comfortable to participate.
3:30P Feminine Body Language Nina Irani Salon C

Many trans women comment on the smooth, graceful movements of cis women - the way they seem to glide through a room. This is not always easy to achieve without the proper training and techniques, especially if you’re wearing clothes you are not used to. In this workshop, you will learn basic female markers in body language in a fun, supportive atmosphere, which will help you look and feel your best. These will apply to sitting and standing, arm and leg position and movements, posture, gestures and facial expressions while speaking and listening.
3:30P MtF Gender Confirming Surgeries - World Class Techniques Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Kathy Rumer Salon D

This workshop provides an opportunity for Dr. Rumer to discuss her world class MtF Gender Confirming Surgical procedures such as FFS, BA, Body Contouring, and GRS. She will also unveil a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Rumer will then open the floor for answering specific questions after her power point presentation, and will be available for complimentary consultation while at the conference. Please call us at 855-782-5665 prior to the conference and schedule your complimentary consultation.
3:30P Transgender in Faith Family & Youth Program Transmasculine Program Spouse/SO Program Ms. Jennifer Lehman Salon E

Ms. Jennifer
In this workshop, we explore the role that faith has played in our transgender journey and the journey of others in our lives. God works in mysterious ways and we are all instruments of His plan. Ms. Jennifer Lehman will share her story of the role that her faith played in her transition in 2013 and how by following this faith journey it has made an impact on the faith journey for others in her congregation. The workshop will also provide time for participants to share their faith based stories. Come share your story and hear how God is working in all of our lives! Looking for a church service to attend after the conference? Reverend Wiant and Market Square are again inviting conference attendees to for the 11:00 Sunday service. See the Sunday Schedule for more details.
5:00P Friends of Bill W. Meeting Sibil G. Ash
This meeting welcomes those who think they have a problem with alcohol and/or any other substance, and will be based on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.
5:00P LGBTQ Issues in Healthcare Continuing Education Family & Youth Program Educator's Program Dr. Thomas Pineo Elm

Dr. Thomas
The LGBTQ community is unique amongst the many groups in health care. Members of the LGBTQ community experience a variety of social impediments to health care which must be acknowledged and overcome by the individuals, the healthcare community, and its leaders. Please join Dr. Pineo, Dickinson Class of ‘92, in a discussion which will enlighten some of these social impediments and will provide a hopeful pathway toward equity, resilience, and respect in the ever changing LGBTQ/healthcare landscape.

After hearing from Dr. Pineo, we invite you to stay for our Family Keystone Kick off with pizza, soft drinks and time getting to know other families in the area. We hope to see you there!
6:00P Friday Family Kick Off Family & Youth Program Family & Youth Program Directors Elm
Did you just check in and your family isn’t sure what to do? Your dear children are annoying each other already and you know they need a bit of a distraction? Maybe you are a teenager and want to find other teenagers so you aren’t hanging out with your embarrassing yet loving parents? Join us for a family and youth meet and greet...and pizza! This meet and greet time will be a great way to kick-off your Keystone Conference experience. If you are a parent, caregiver, teenager, or child this will be a great time to meet other families and make some friendships that might last forever! See you there! Ohhh...and did we mention pizza?!!!
6:15P Dinner at Cafe Fresco Ms. Katie Ward Front Lobby

Ms. Katie
Take part in the Cafe' Fresco experience! Located in the center of downtown Harrisburg's restaurant row, Cafe' Fresco offers a variety of Asian American features such as Honey-Miso Sea Scallops, Tea-Smoked Breast of Duck, and Pad Tai (an amazing sweet noddle dish from Thailand).The service and atmosphere of Cafe' Fresco are sure to please even the most discerning patron. Entree prices range from $19 to $38 with an average price of around $24. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at Carley's Ristorante David Denton Front Lobby

A ristorante and piano bar featuring rustic Italian dishes that include Grilled Portabella with Lump Crab, Tuna Palermo, Mascarpone Lasagna Bolognese, as well other traditional pasta dishes. Many of Carley's entrees are available “Family-Style,” a perfect option for those who want to share different meal choices. With walls fashioned from 100 year old bricks, rich wood furnishings, and the inviting glow of hundreds of candles, Carley's offers a truly enticing atmosphere perfect for relaxing and enjoying a dining experience that guaranteed to warm your heart. Entree prices range from $15 to $35 with an average price of around $25 with Family-Style options costing around 1/3rd more. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at Chars at Tracy Mansion Gretchen Little Front Lobby

Chars – Tracy Mansion is the only restaurant in Harrisburg situated on the lovely Susquehanna River. Built in 1913, the mansion has regained its long-lost elegance as this American Brasserie. Overlooking the river, The Dining Room serves as the perfect showcase for Chef Ron Canady’s celebrated menu. The warm, convivial Bar features Sal Pantano’s spirited creations, as well as our Small Plate Menu, while the McKee Library is the perfect spot for a cocktail or to relax with after dinner drinks. In The Gallery, our private room, we display a rotating exhibit of blown glass and sculptures by artists Ona Magaro and Glenn Zwyegardt. Whether it is a formal meal for a special occasion or a casual light-bite, Chars has the menu, the atmosphere and the welcoming service to make you and your guests feel special and satisfied. Entree prices range from $26 to $40 with an average price of around $30. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15 pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at El Sol Mexican Restaurant Jenny Jensen Front Lobby

If you like Mexican style food then you'll love El Sol! But don't think this is the kind of food you'll find at a typical Mexican food chain because at El Sol the fare is decidedly more refined. From dishes like Ceviche, Spicy Camarones a la Diabla, or Crab Enchiladas Verdes, the owners of El Sol create authentic Mexican dishes that excite and satisfy the palette. The El Sol kitchen staff will ensure each dish is carefully prepared and whether you like it mild or with a spicy edge, they'll be certain to accommodate your individual taste. To compliment your dining experience, El Sol offers a full-service bar so order a Jamaica Flavored Margarita or a Blue Hibiscus to complement those awesome Lobster Enchiladas. Bienvenidos! Entree prices range from $14 to $25 with an average price of around $18. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15 pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at Passage to India Jude & Susan Bienvenu Front Lobby

Jude & Susan
Let Passage to India take you on a flavor-filled journey in an authentic Indian atmosphere! With diverse recipes and culinary techniques passed down from generation to generation, Passage to India offers a wonderful dining experience. Dishes range from mild to very spicy but they will accommodate your individual preference so be sure to discuss preparation options with your server. Some of the more popular dishes include Mango Chicken, Vegetable Xaccutti (pronounced “sha-ku-tee”), Baigan Bhutta and Tandoori Chicken. Jude and Susan Bienvenu are your co-hostesses. So if you are dining with your significant other, this may be a wonderful opportunity to compare couples experiences. Dinner at Passage to India isn't just for couples, singles are welcome as well! Entree prices range from $12 to $28 with an average price of around $20. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at the Firehouse Christine Zuba Front Lobby

Ms. Christine
The historic Hope Station building was renovated and became home to The Fire House Restaurant. Hope Station is the oldest standing firehouse in the city of Harrisburg and is the second oldest in Pennsylvania. Inspired by a devastating fire on Christmas Eve 1813, the Harrisburg Hope Fire Company was founded in 1814. This building, Hope Station #2, was built in 1871. Wide menu selections. Prices vary between $10 and $40. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
7:00P Dinner at 1700 Steakhouse Ms. Suzane Oliva Front Lobby

Ms. Suzane
Harrisburg’s 1700 Degrees Steakhouse features Midwestern prime beef, dry aged beef, certified Angus beef, and the finest sustainable seafood, elegantly served by a diligently trained staff. In 2015, they were named a winner in OpenTable’s Diners’ Choice Awards. With an integrated lobby lounge and a 12-foot long, two-sided fireplace, this restaurant keeps things warm and welcoming. A place to see and be seen, 1700 Degrees Steakhouse is every bit as comfortable as it is sophisticated. Menu prices range from $30 to $60.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 7:00pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
7:00P Dinner at Stock's on 2nd Lisa Smith Front Lobby

Ms. Lisa
The cuisine at Stock's is American with a lean towards Asian and Southwestern flare. The menu offers delectable entrees such as Seafood Alfredo, Risotto Cakes, or Prosciutto-wrapped Trout. Stock's also offers a wide variety of interesting appetizers like Pulled-pork French Fries, Lump Crab Fritters, or Pork Wings. In addition to its great food, Stocks offers a great atmosphere that includes an exhibition kitchen and an awesome martini bar for the most amazing cocktails. With an amazing wait staff offering the most attentive and personalized service, Stock's on Second is a great place for dinner. Entree prices range from $18 to $33 with an average price of around $25. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 7:00pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
9:00P Musical Entertainment in the Dog & Pony Lounge Chris Huff Dog & Pony Lounge
They don’t make them like Chris Huff anymore! A throwback to the days when artists worked in multiple genres on the same album, his songs are impossible to pigeonhole and emerge from a spirit and desire to both experiment and play the best of pop, rock and reggae.
9:00P Keystone Dance Party Ray Smith Salon E
Come join us for the Keystone Dance Party in Salons C, D & E.


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