Mrs. Masha-Leah Dinah

I am a Jewish transgender woman who finally started living authentically at the age of 60. I have a natural curiosity that I cannot satiate and research a myriad of topics that interest me. I am also an inventor with nearly patents. This will be my fifth year of attending the Keystone Conference and I hope to give back in some way as compensation for all of the good information I have received here at Keystone. I recently retired from the Tech Industry and also am on the board of some LGBT Socially Responsible Organizations. One of my interests is how I can reconcile my Judaism and being transgender in light of our Scriptures. As a Conservative Jew, I wish to share with my fellow LGBT Community, no matter what Religion you may be, the results of my research and the "transitional" rituals I have participated in in the hope to show you that you don't have to abandon Religion because people tell you that you don't belong.