Ms. Amanda Richards
Make-up Artist

Amanda Richards is a very successful and sought after makeup artist. She is an expert in the artistry of makeup, whether it is to subtly enhance a face or completely transform it. Amanda is a master of her craft, and her exceptional talent and passion have elevated her to the top of her field. She has worked with the transgender community for over a decade. Beyond the transgender community, Amanda has had her work published in several magazines, and catalogues. She works with some of the finest photographers, and models in the northeastern U.S. on various commercial projects. She has worked with contestants in the Miss Teen USA pageant system. She has taught & mentored many clients, and aspiring makeup artists. She has been a guest speaker at The Keystone Conference, Southern Comfort, First Event, The Be-All Conference, and many transgender support groups. She is also on the professional support boards for several cosmetology schools in northeastern Pennsylvania.