Nina Irani

Nina has been teaching voice feminization, body language and job interview techniques to M-F trans women for over 30 years. Her affinity with the trans community began shortly after college, where she majored in theater and communications. When one of her best friends, named Mark at the time, began to transition to Michelle. Michelle began to love the way she looked, but was dissatisfied with her voice, even after a year of speech therapy. Since Nina had been coaching male actors to play female roles in Shakespearean plays, Michelle asked Nina for help, and it was the theater techniques that carried Michelle across the finish line to the voice she had always wanted.  Since then, Nina has incorporated cutting-edge neuroscience techniques into her methodology to help trans women learn faster, develop muscle memory and gain greater consistency with their female voices. Nina also coaches cis male and female executives and public figures in the areas of communication, public speaking, executive presence, and media appearances. She uses the same communication and presentation techniques to help trans women shine in job interviews; and look, feel and present their best in all the situations their lives have to offer.