Mx. Jibri Douglas

T. Jibri Douglas hails from Newark, NJ. In 2010, they graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors degree in Health Promotion and Behavior. Since graduating from UGA, Jibri has worked tirelessly in the HIV/AIDS prevention and education field in many capacities primarily with LGBT homeless youth, young men who have sex with men, transgender women, and formerly incarcerated women of color. In 2014, Jibri began to travel internationally to engage in global HIV/AIDS prevention work. In 2015, Jibri started TJD Medical Consulting Firm to transform the healthcare experience in such a way that every LGBTQ person’s healthcare needs are met through access to quality and equitable healthcare services. In June 2017, Jibri graduated with thier Masters of Public Health from Drexel University with a concentration in Health Management and Policy and a focus in Global Health, LGBTQ Health, Health Disparities, and Healthcare Administration. Today, Jibri serves as an Administrative Fellow at a health care system in the suburbs of Pennsylvania.