Mrs. Petra Hayden-Wisnewski
Registered Nurse

Petra is a Registered Nurse currently working for The Advocacy Alliance located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. As part of her role at The Advocacy Alliance, she educates both individuals and those who support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Throughout her nursing career, Petra has always had a passion for education and especially educating those who provide healthcare for individuals who are trans-gendered. She put together a panel discussion at her community college in order to provide future nurses with the opportunity to meet and hear people discussing what experiences they had living as trans-gendered individuals. Petra also gave a Grand Round at her local hospital educating healthcare providers on how to best serve the trans-gendered population. Petra holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Millersville University, an Associates in Nursing Degree from Harrisburg Area Community College and educates frequently in the LGBTQ+ community as well as in Alternative Lifestyle communities on a variety of topics including relationships and emergency management planning. She is involved with numerous volunteer organizations and gives freely of her time educating communities on a variety of topics.