Ms. Randi Sue Potter

Ms.Potter is a 68 year old transsexual female. She lives in Central Oregon where she is a member of PFLAG, and works as an ally with several transgender support groups, both medical and non-medical. An ordained minister, Ms. Potter's 45+ year career has seen her pastor two churches, work as a counselor, police officer and investigator, aerospace technical writer and as a professional musician in several capacities. She is the author of a widely distributed booklet titled Gender Dysphoria & Transgender: A Short Primer to Understanding Sex, Sexuality, Gender and Gender Identity. First published in 2017 it has become known and reprinted throughout the US and on at least three continents. Attendees will receive a copy at the end of the session. A seasoned conference speaker, Ms. Potter has taught at conferences and seminars throughout the US, and in Europe and Asia.