Christine Hallquist

Christine Hallquist is a transformative business executive, a leader in creating solutions to climate change, a developer of the electric grid of the future, the first transgender CEO in the United States to transition on the job and the first transgender major party gubernatorial candidate in the nation. Knowing she was different from her peers in parochial school and often bullied for being perceived as such, Christine learned to perfect the role of acting as a “man” which served her well for many years. As a young executive manager she transformed her tech industry by boldly handing power to the employees whose expertise was the backbone of the company’s success. Later as CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative—Vermont’s second largest electric utility—she led the company from the verge of bankruptcy to becoming the most innovative in the nation and whose financial rating moved from a dismal BBB- to a stellar A+. While there she transitioned gender, seamlessly and seemingly as natural a move as the transition of the business she led. In January of 2018 Christine, inspired by a group of high school students, made the momentous decision to run for Governor of the state of Vermont. Despite tremendous odds against her she was elected the Democratic Party candidate and was endorsed by many key figures in U.S politics including Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Though she ultimately ceded office to the Republican incumbent in November, Christine’s clear-headed campaign, focused on solving critical issues and not on personal ambition, set a precedent for all women and minorities who seek to positively influence our nation’s progress.