Ms. B'Ellana Duquesne

Born John Eng Brooklyn, New York. Her life as Jack Eng has included stints as a radio broadcaster, football player, resort entertainment director, businessman, high school drama teacher and father of two.

In 2012 she revealed her long hidden female personality while serving as hostess for “Homos at MoMo’s” a popular talent venue in the Columbia Heights section of Washington D.C. Her visibility and popularity led to her role in “The T‐Party” a play by Natsu Onoda Power examining the role of trans‐persons in America. She is a frequent post‐play discussion leader at the Forum Theater in Silver Spring, MD.

 Recently she was seen in the lead role of Mama Darlin’ in “Charm” a play by Phillip Dawkins based on Ms. Gloria Allen and her work with homeless transyouth in Chicago. Given the limited number of roles for trans‐actors she is pleased to have been selected for recent productions of “The Vagina Monologues” and “The Tarot Reading”. She has been a guest lecturer at Georgetown University and recently spoke to the FCC on gender diversity in media this June 2017.

B'Ellana currently spends her time in North Carolina as well as theD.C./Maryland/Virginia area.