2020 Keystone Conference Is Cancelled
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Vendor Information & Registration

Vendor Pricing
Regular Non-Profit
Vendor Premium Package (A $345 Value) $300 $180
  - Service Provider Fee1    
  - Vendor Booth - 8’ wide x 6’ deep (all 3 days)2    
  - A 6’ Table + 2 Chairs (all 3 days)3    
  - Electricity (all 3 days)    
  - Half-page (6” x 4.5”) Color Ad in Program Booklet4    
  - Place a One-Page Flyer into the Registration Envelopes5    
Vendor Standard Package (A $255 Value) $250 $145
  - Service Provider Feesup>1    
  - Vendor Booth - 8’ wide x 6’ deep (all 3 days)2    
  - A 6’ Table + 2 Chairs (all 3 days)3    
  - Quarter-page (6” x 2.25”) Color Ad in Program Booklet4    
  Ala Carte Pricing    
  - Service Provider Fee1 $75 $0
  - Initial Vendor Booth - 8’ wide x 6’ deep (all 3 days)2 $75 $75
  - Additional Vendor Booth - 8’ wide x 6’ deep (all 3 days) $150 $150
  - A 6’ Table + 2 Chairs (all 3 days)3 $20 $20
  - Electricity (all 3 days) $20 $20
  - Full-page Ad (8.5”W x 11”H) $200 $150
  - Half-page Horizontal Ad (8.5”W x 5.5"H) $125 $85
  - Quarter-page Horizontal Ad (8.5"W x 2.75"H) $75 $60
  - Quarter-page Vertical Ad (4.25"W x 5.5"H) $75 $60
  - Business Card Horizontal Ad (3.5" W x 2"H) $50 $30
  - Business Card Vertical Ad (2" W x 3.5"H) $50 $30
  - Place a One-Page Flyer into the Registration Envelopes5 $30 $15
  - Luncheon Meals $35 $35
  - Keystone Saturday Gala Dinner $55 $55
  - Evening Outings (transportation to/from) $15 $15
  1Includes 200 x 380 Pixel Ad on the Keystone Website Vendor Page.
2Up to one additional vendor booth. cost is $150..
3Additional tables & 2 chairs are $20.
4Advertising sizes may be upgraded by paying the price difference. All ads are available in color.
5You may elect to have your one-page flyer printed locally to save on shipping costs.
**We prefer ads in .jpg, .tif, .gif, .pdf or .png format, but may be able to accept other formats.  

The main vendor area will be located in the Pennsylvania Ballroom on the main floor of the hotel across from the hotel registration desk and Keystone registration desk. The vendor area is open 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Each day, we offer complimentary coffee in the vendor area to conference attendees to increase foot traffic.

Ad Material and Payment Are Due February 15th, 2020

Vendor tables and space are limited so please register early. Also, the earlier you register, the earlier we can post your business on our website for our attendees and your future patrons! All vendors must register—even if working solely from their room—and pay the Vendor Service Fee, so as to be included in the conference.

Click Here to Download Vendor Packet

Vendor booths in the vendor area are 8’ wide (front) x 6’ deep and will accommodate up to three 6’ tables. Up to one additional booth may be purchased. A Vendor is permitted one additional associate who must be registered prior to the conference and who is expected to be working in the vendor area or your room.

Don't forget to enjoy yourself, too! Vendors and their associate are invited to the receptions held each night at no cost. Our luncheons and other evening activities are available to you as well at a nominal fee.

Please feel free to contact us at SVA@Keystone-Conference.org if you have any questions or would like to discuss additional options and ideas.

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