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Daily Schedule for Thursday March 24, 2022

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9:00A Flawless Foundation Genna Betros Birch

The condition of our skin can make a huge difference to how confident and in control we feel each day. A seamless veil of the good stuff, blended imperceptibly with our own skin, in a shade perfectly suited to our skin tone can make all the difference. There's a lot to consider and know before applying your favorite foundation. This workshop covers how to prep the skin to make the foundation lay oh-so-perfectly and last all day You may get tired, but your make-up shouldn't!
9:00A How to Document Your Journey Through the Art of Writing While Using the Tools and Platforms Available in 2022 Ms. Christine Penn Chestnut

Ms. Christine
There are so many ways to document your transition, for some it is through photos and video while others enjoy the art of writing. Whether you wish to enjoy the emotional rewards of journaling privately or share publicly to inspire others and possibly publish your own story, documenting your journey is a part of discovering your authentic life that you do not want to miss. Learn various approaches to writing your story and the different tools and platforms available to support your project.
9:00A Expectations (Spouses & Significant Others Only) Mrs. Karen Lehman Dogwood

Mrs. Karen
This workshop will discuss how to develop and set expectations not only for the conference, but also in your relationships. It's an opportunity to bounce your ideas off of others with similar circumstances. Come share your concerns and ideas in the privacy of other spouses and SOs with Karen and our Spouse/SO Program staff. This workshop is open only to spouses and significant others of transgender/GQ individuals.
9:00A Personal Safety and Defense En Femme Miss Michelle Blond Elm

Miss Michelle
Avoid becoming a victim of violent crime and live your life in peace. Much needed information will be shared on best practices and most effective tools for personal defense, threat identification and avoidance, legalities of self-defense, the various mindsets surrounding violent crime, use of force and probable outcomes and how to engage with Law Enforcement Officers. You will leave this class feeling better prepared to identify and prevent dangerous situations and understand how to protect yourself within the bounds of the law.
9:00A Body and Brain Yoga Ms. Emelda Nim Hemlock

Ms. Emelda
This class will concentrate on light stretching, proper breathing, meditation, relaxation and an introduction to Tai Chi. Loose and comfortable clothing such as Yoga pants, sweat pants, T-shirt and socks are needed, Shorts are not recommended. The class will slowly progress from simple stretching to prepare for further exercise, instruction on proper breathing and explanation as to why proper breathing is important everyday. You'll be taught ways to relax and meditate for everyday life, and accumulation of energy. Introduction to Tai Chi to show further ways to relax and focusing on rebalancing your body.
9:00A Killer Heels - The Crash Course Mrs. Cassandra Storm
Lindsey Taub
Salon C

Mrs. Cassandra

Never kick your shoes off in the middle of a dance floor again! Everything you ever needed to know about high heels from what to buy, how to walk and survive wearing the heels of your dreams. Join fashion and style expert Lindsey Taub as she shares the secrets on what are the best heels to buy for you and how to match them to your perfect outfit for the right occasion. Then Cassandra Storm of My Feminine Heart will share her secret strategies of how to prepare your feet to survive an evening in heels and how to bring life back to them after you remove those shoes. Bring your favorite heels to this class as everyone will have an opportunity to walk the runway and practice strutting with the perfect feminine hip swing.
9:00A Celebrating Trans and Nonbinary Identities Ms. Ann Murdoch Salon D

Ms. Ann
Participants will gain an appreciation for how inspiring many people from all walks of life find our stories of overcoming shame, stigma and discrimination to live our authentic lives as well as explore how our personal stories both shape and are shaped by our identities. At a time when trans and GNC identities are being called into question, celebrating the strength, resilience and authenticity of the trans community is especially important. Our stories are powerful and inspirational within and beyond the trans community. Those who feel comfortable doing so will have an opportunity to share their own stories in celebration of the awesomeness of our diverse and inclusive community!
10:30A Think and Grow Rich Ms. Randi Wallace Ash

Ms. Randi
You're unhappy with some part of your life, Happiness, Health or Wealth. This will be a discussion about how you can have anything you want! But you have to know what you want and to REALLY WANT IT! We are or become what we think about, you want different results, you have to change your thinking. We all have habits, some good, some not so good. We will discuss how we change habits and how hard and why it's hard to make lasting changes. This will be fast paced and cover many areas of our lives.
10:30A Undergarments are a Girl's Best Friend Cher Poitevien Birch

Do you feel comfortable in your undergarments? Do you wear clothes that visibly expose the outlines of your corset, bra and underwear? In this fun and informative class, you will learn depiction, description and usage of the essential undergarments that every lady needs in her wardrobe. Explanation of what they are, what they're best used for, how to choose what is best for your body size and shape. We'll cover bras, including how to get the proper size and fit, slips, panties, "control" garments, hosiery, etc.
10:30A Financial Planning for the Transgender and Gender-Expansive Community Ms. Lindsey Young Dogwood

Ms. Lindsey
The transgender community faces many unique financial challenges, and the amount of resources to help transgender people create a financial plan for transition and life after transition is quite limited. This workshop will provide a high-level overview of financial planning considerations especially relevant to the transgender community. The workshop will consist of two modules: (i) an overview of financial planning considerations for those who are considering transition or are in the middle of transition and (ii) how to approach financial planning following transition. Topics include budgeting for transition; health insurance considerations; tax considerations, and post-transition life and retirement planning. The workshop will address topics of interest to people of all income levels and stages of life. Significant others and allies are encouraged to attend.
10:30A Being Your Own Health Advocate Amber Brown
AJ Schaeffer


We know you have goals for what you want out of your transition! Self-advocacy is learning how to speak up for yourself and make decisions about your own life, knowing your strengths and challenges, knowing your rights, and being able to share your needs with others. All too often, trans and gender-diverse people must be their own, and sometimes only, advocate to access necessary health care and social services.

In this workshop we will disuss what being your own advocate looks like, what gets in the way, and how to get what you need out of medical visits, your transition journey, and your interpersonal relationships.

But what if you struggle to advocate for yourself? We haven't forgotten about the allies, friends, family, and community advocates! We have tips and tricks for our supporters too.
10:30A Quick and Easy Hair Styling Casey Grim
Brittani Young


Stuck in a styling rut? Is your hairstyle out of date and does it make you stick out like a sore thumb? Learn tips and tricks to transform your hair from day to night and casual to glam. Whether it is your natural hair or not, this class will demonstrate basic care and styling techniques to make the most of the hair you're working with!
10:30A The Vision Workshop: 3 Keys to Mastering Your Results Liz Tattersall Salon C

During this workshop you will develop your vision of what you really want to experience in your life! You will learn 3 tools to achieve your goals, develop greater clarity on your dreams, and build confidence in your ability to achieve everything you desire. This is where you will begin to turn your dreams into reality!
10:30A Relationship Priorities: Using Communication and Compassion to Work Through Transition Continuing Education Ms. Susan Bienvenu
Mrs. Karen Lehman
Ms. Jennifer Lehman
Salon D

Ms. Susan

Mrs. Karen

Ms. Jennifer
Discussions often focus on the needs of the transitioning transgender individual, somewhat exclusive to the needs of the relationship with a partner. This seminar will turn the focus to the relationship between the transgender person and their spouse or significant other. Transition is a very difficult time for a couple, and frequently leads to the loss of the relationship. Your presenter does not believe that this has to be the inevitable outcome, and hopes to offer her experience with her late spouse Jude, and that of friends and acquaintances who have gone through transition of a partner, in the hope that others can find these experiences useful. Aspects discussed includes "couples transition" and skills in languaging and negotiation, managing expectations and maintaining open lines of communication. These approaches are proven techniques in couples counseling, and helped tremendously during Jude's transition. Please come join us for discussions and a few exercises that can help bring a new understanding to the power of language and negotiation.
2:00P How to Love Yourself Again, or for the First Time Liz Tattersall Ash

Many of us don’t believe we’re worthy of all good things and wonder if we’ll ever find true love. Taking care of the most important person in your life is actually YOU! We’ll talk about ways to begin to see the best in yourself, honor your needs, and truly love who you are so that you’re able to share yourself with others, perhaps even that special someone.
2:00P Medical Emergencies While Presenting Authentically “Under-Cover” Ms. Christine Daily Birch

Ms. Christine
It is the nightmare so many people envision but do not know how to prepare for – “What happens when I am secretly presenting as my authentic self and have a medical emergency?” What if you are in an accident but conscious? What if you lose consciousness? Do you have an alternate emergency contact other than your immediate family? How do you prepare for this event and interact with medical personnel once at the hospital? This is a scenario every transgender person who presents part-time needs to prepare for and in this workshop led by Christine Daily, you will be given the best strategic advice for navigating a variety of medical emergent situations.
2:00P Identity Theft: What You Need to Know Beth McKinley Chestnut

Identity fraud is a nightmare and to members of the transgender community, it can feel 10 times more terrifying. It can put your finances and credit rating at risk — and that’s just the beginning. Learn how identity theft can occur, how you can take steps to prevent it with information up-to-date for 2022, and what to do if your identity is stolen. No products or services will be sold.
2:00P Practicing Authentic Faith While Living Authentic Life: How to be Faithful and Transgender Rev. Grace Ferris Dogwood

Rev. Grace
Although rainbow flags are starting to be flown outside a growing number of churches and synagogues, the majority of mainline houses of worship in all faith traditions shun transgender people. Openly transgender Catholic Priest and activist Grace Ferris (she/her) will lead a discussion on how transgender people can continue to practice their faith, regardless of their own faith tradition. Differences and similarities between various denominations will be explored and described so that participants will be able to research houses of worship in their own communities that are closely aligned with individual religious preferences. A male Southern Baptist minister before being radically transformed to become a trans-female Catholic priest, Mother Grace has a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of religious traditions and the compassion to effectively minister in a way that is meaningful for those in her care. Mother Grace will also serve as needed as an interfaith chaplain at the conference, making herself available to anyone wanting pastoral care. She will meet people where they are spiritually, never proselytizing or evangelizing. Mother Grace will also offer Mass with Eucharist lovingly shared with anyone wishing to partake on Saturday evening and/or Sunday morning if there is sufficient interest.
2:00P Transition in Communities Ms. Lilia Weber Elm

Ms. Lilia
Are you thinking about transition but worried about losing your circle? Long ago, the model for a transgender person to socially transition was to sever all connections with their current network of friends and colleagues and start from zero. That path had huge costs to the individual and isn't the generally accepted model anymore. Lilia will discuss a path of transition where one stays connected to their full life and can achieve a greater connection to their communities throughout transition. Lilia will present her experience with her transition and the communities that have given her strength and helped her to stay grounded during life’s ongoing transition. This workshop will have time for group discussion and the sharing of what communities have helped folks stay connected. What communities give you strength?
2:00P Anxiety - The Elephant in Your Room Continuing Education Dr. Michele Angello Fir

Dr. Michele
Anxiety can be a confusing and frustrating companion. For some, it is a byproduct of gender identity issues. For others, it is an underlying condition that complicates the process of working though gender identity. This workshop is geared towards addressing some strategies for understanding and managing anxiety, as well as helping others to be aware of how to help someone who is trying to cope with this condition.
2:00P Transgender Voice Training Anna Lantry Hemlock

Voice can be a major source of gender dysphoria, misgendering, and general discomfort for many transgender and gender diverse people. Through proper training, it is possible to develop a more feminine, masculine, or androgynous voice, and have a voice that matches your identity as a person. As a transgender woman myself with many years of voice coaching experience, I understand these challenges from both a personal and pedagogical perspective. In this presentation, I will go over the individual elements of voice, what variations in each of these elements lead to voices sounding or being perceived a certain way, and how one can consciously and effectively train each of these elements to change the quality and perceptions of one's voice along gender lines. Elements covered include: pitch, pitch variation, resonance/timbre, vowel and consonant shaping, posture/breathing technique, larynx height, and cadence. Time permitting, there may be an opportunity to work with one or two volunteers.
2:00P Makeup Basics Ms. Kristen Lorraine Salon C

Ms. Kristen
This class is not only for first-timers, but also for those who are frustrated or overwhelmed by finding the right makeup. Does your makeup cause you to break out? Are you using the best techniques and products for your age and style? We will delve into products, examine what they do, and demonstrate how best to use them. Tips and tricks for starting out and guidance in deciding how to develop your own, personal look.
2:00P Not Your Parent's Sex Talk Maureen McCarthy Salon D

This workshop is for anyone who wants to enhance playtime with themselves and/or partner(s). Join us in an intimate discussion about needs, desires, and building a liberating sex life. Learn about sexual inventories and how to incorporate them into your discussions about sex.
3:30P How to Get Read in 10 Seconds Flat: Perspectives on Enhancing the MTF Image Michelle Popkov Ash

This seminar is aimed at the novice crossdresser/transwoman. As you have broken though anxieties to come out for the first time, there are several things you can do that give yourself away and destroy your confidence! This seminar discusses the Top 10 ways of getting “made” and the countermeasures you can use to enhance your public persona and confidence. We will discuss clothes, mannerisms, and many “tells” that otherwise give you away, and what you can do to avoid these.
3:30P Advocacy - For Yourself and Others (How to Game the System) Rev. Joanne Carroll Birch

Rev. Joanne
Becoming your own self-advocate as a trans-identified person is essential to obtaining quality health care, and getting the essential agency supports for transition, wellness, and just being able to thrive. There are countless horror stories where many in the transgender community have encountered barriers that seemingly are unsurmountable. Some of those stories have been exacerbated by the lockdowns and quarantines necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, however, as we know well, denying necessary services to the transgender community has been the way of doing business for far too long. The goal of this presentation is to identify ways to make your individual path to authenticity free of roadblocks and then helping others overcome their speedbumps.
3:30P You Have a Story? Come Learn about Stonewall Speakers and How to Share Your Story Ms. Lynn Discenza Chestnut

Ms. Lynn
In this workshop you will learn about the Stonewall Speakers, a program of the CT Stonewall Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit group that was founded in 1988. We will explain the speaker engagement format we use, give you tips on speaking, walk through a typical speaking engagement, hear a story, have you work on your personal story and practice giving your personal story. We will review speaker responsibilities and provide you with written training material as a reference. This workshop will be a chance to ask questions and learn more about becoming a speaker and possibly starting your own speaker group.
3:30P Transgender Personalities in History (from the 15th Century through the 1860s) Melissa Morton Dogwood

Since humankind began to define the boundaries of gender behavior, there have been people who have defied or crossed over those boundaries. Hear about some of these individuals, from the 15th century through the 1860s. Some of them were male to female, others of them were female to male. Some of them lived as transgender for most of their lives, others for only brief but significant periods in their lives. The deeds of some of these people have inspired books, plays, movies, and even operas. All of them left a legacy of some sort. Although this seminar has been presented before, Melissa changes the roster of historical figures presented each time she does this seminar. Brief biographies of each individual profiled are available upon request.
3:30P Becoming an 'Out and About' Girl - A Guided Discussion about Your Hopes and Goals and How to Achieve Them Danielle Frost Elm

Many part-time girls long to go out in public, and some have had success going to bars, nail spas and shopping malls. But is there more to being a woman than going to bars, shopping and getting one's nails done? Join us for a lively guided discussion about how you can set and achieve goals for getting out in public. Whether that's traveling, flying in planes, volunteering, getting paid work, or finding a path to full-time womanhood, you have sisters who can listen and provide feedback from their own lives.
3:30P Gender Affirming Facial Surgery: Using Computer Animations to Help Explain Surgical Options for Transmasculine, Transfeminine, and Non-Binary Individuals Dr. Alexander Facque Hemlock

Dr. Alexander
Gender affirming facial surgeries are highly sought out amongst transgender and gender diverse individuals and for many patients have helped to lessen their gender dysphoria. However, a comprehensive guide to facial gender affirming procedures does not truly exist and the many options present can be confusing to patients and their families. In an effort to better explain the basis of gender affirming facial surgery, Dr. Alexander Facque will show the effects of a testosterone influenced puberty on the developing face and then will demonstrate how these procedures are be used to either reverse or mimic these effects. Using video animation, Dr. Facque will explain the specific procedures that can be used to help feminine-spectrum, masculine-spectrum, and non-binary trans patients achieve their gender-affirming facial surgery goals. The goal of this workup is to help individuals better understand the options involved in facial surgery, so that they may feel empowered and educated when discussing options with their surgeon.
3:30P Gender Transition: A Full Description of Where to Start and How to Thrive Continuing Education Mrs. Cindi Miller Salon C

Mrs. Cindi
This workshop is for individuals who desire to do a full gender transition and want a guide to how to do it with excellence. Cindi Grace will walk participants through the different levels of transitioning, the steps of an effective transition, and share secrets for thriving in a transition rather than just surviving it. In this workshop we will cover everything from the physical and social transition to the emotional and mental transition.
3:30P How to Successfully Style for Your Body & Shape Lindsey Taub Salon D

Do you love the way you look and feel in your clothing? Learn secrets from a professional stylist on how you can take any body shape and have the figure and stunning wardrobe you’ve always wanted.
3:30P Introduction to the Social Sport of Cornhole Mrs. Samantha Ethridge Salon E

Mrs. Samantha
Get ready for our First Annual All-Gender Cornhole Showdown Tournament with this practice clinic lead by Arkansas’ Coed Cornhole Champion, Samantha Ethridge. This is a social sport that can be played by everyone no matter their gender, age or even ability. Samantha will teach everyone how to play, explain the rules of the game, provide live demonstrations of different throwing techniques and give participants a chance to practice with feedback from the champ! Take a break after the clinic ends and return at 5:30 pm to join in our tournament – all skill levels will be given a fair advantage and guaranteed a great time.


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