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9:00A TransWork: Creating Economic Opportunities for the Transgender Community Ms. Jone Magagna
Ms. Lynda Waltman

Ms. Jone

Ms. Lynda
Finding stable and secure employment is hard enough, but navigating job searches as a transgender or non-binary person in the current times can be especially challenging. In order for members of our communities to survive and thrive, it is essential that we support each other in finding trans-affirming employment. With that goal in mind, TransWork is a trans-led economic empowerment project focused on addressing employment needs and creating entrepreneurship opportunities in the transgender/gender non-conforming (TGNC) communities in the greater Philadelphia region and beyond. In this session, we will explore the different services that are available to under- & unemployed members of the TGNC communities, including job banks/fairs, employer training programs, and job search support (resume preparation, interview skills, and job readiness.) TransWork is a program of Greater Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce (the Independence Business Alliance) and is the first program of its type to be housed within a chamber of commerce with direct ties to the LGBTQ+ business community, and serves as a model for other communities. This workshop is great for job seekers, as well as community leaders who are looking to implement similar programs in their communities. During the session, we’ll discuss how the program is structured as well as lessons we learned when designing and implementing it.
9:00A Providing Transgender and Nonbinary Care at Planned Parenthood Amber Brown Chestnut

We've provided gender affirming care for a long time now -- but as of November 2021, patients in Planned Parenthood Keystone 37 county service can now access Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy. From hormone therapy to birth control to wellness visits, our staff are here to provide expert care in ways that affirm all gender identities and expressions. In this workshop you will meet with our expert patient navigator to walk you through the appointment process, and what an initial visit looks like -- from scheduling to navigation to follow up. Why a patient navigator? They are a friendly face you can rely on to help support you through complex systems that can be difficult to understand -- like gender marker and legal name changes, finding knowledgeable mental health care providers, finding competent and caring surgeons, and figuring out the perplexing insurance industry. Our navigators are here to address and remove many of the barriers and discomforts in seeking help!
9:00A Introducing the Trans Stories Project Mx. Corinne Goodwin Dogwood

Mx. Corinne
Fewer than 40% of the American public claims to know a transgender person. Eastern PA Trans Equity Project wants to change that. We have launched an effort to document the lives and stories of transgender and gender nonbinary folk Pennsylvania. Most critically, we are not the ones telling the stories - we are allowing participants to do that for themselves through photos and short 500-word essays that range from the funny to the tragic to the mundane. They all support our goal of humanizing the trans experience. In this workshop we will explore some of their stories, talk about how to tell a great story and encourage you to share yours!
9:00A Transitioning and Marriage Survival: Can a Marriage or Relationship Survive a Transition? Continuing Education Mrs. Cindi Miller Elm

Mrs. Cindi
During this seminar Cindi will share tips and guidance for transitioning while married or in a committed relationship. She will draw from her many years as a relationship therapist and coach, as a pastor, and from her own transition and marriage of 29 years. You will learn 6 steps to take before you come out to your spouse/partner, 15 keys to transitioning successfully with a spouse/partner, and tips on coming out to your spouse/partner.
9:00A Workshops TBA
10:30A Workshops TBA
2:00P Legally Changing Your Name in Pennsylvania Mx. Corinne Goodwin Dogwood

Mx. Corinne
Completing a legal name change can feel intimidating. It can also be expensive! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be either of those things. Eastern PA Trans Equity Project has helped hundreds of Pennsylvania residents complete their legal name change and we want to help you too! Join us as we demystify the legal name change process and provide the guidance you need to complete your legal name change without having to incur the expense of an attorney.
2:00P But You Lied To Me - A Way to Explore the Emotions (SOs Only) Ms. Susan Bienvenu Elm

Ms. Susan
This is a seminar for the SOs about the emotional impact experienced as a result of the announcement by their spouse of the intention to present as, or to transition, to the opposite gender. Some SOs do not have support systems that understand both perspectives, that being, the elation of the transitioning spouse contrast with the angst of the SO. Some things that I have heard expressed is that the SO was lied to. That the transitioning spouse 'hid this from me'. Betrayal is another term used. Although I can see that perspective, I think there is a healthier point of view that can also allow the SO to process the situation and move beyond this. A lot of SOs have heard the cleansed version "I was just so upset" of the SO, but not the full on development of the emotional state over time. At every step during the way, the SO often feels that things won't get better, can't get better and just might get worse. But as we all know, there are many outcomes and just about all of them are positive. The workshop is SOs only to allow these attendees the opportunity to discuss this particular aspect - the sense of betrayal - in a room without feeling the need to edit.
2:00P Workshops TBA
3:30P LGBTQ Older Adults in the Criminal Justice System Continuing Education Ms. Miranda Galbreath Fir

Ms. Miranda
Awareness is growing about the unique needs of incarcerated older adults and incarcerated LGBTQ folks. However, little is understood about the unique experiences and needs of a particularly vulnerable population: LGBTQ older adults who are involved with the criminal justice system. This presentation seeks to begin to bridge our knowledge gap regarding this overlooked population which often struggles with high rates of medical, mental health and trauma issues.
3:30P Workshops TBA


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