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Daily Schedule for Thursday March 26, 2020

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9:00A Foundation garments for Feminine Presentation - an overview Ms. Leah Santini Birch

Ms. Leah
Proper feminine presentation is a major goal for those exploring their feminine side. While a lot of attention has been given to makeup and fashion (clothing, jewelry and shoes), foundation garments, like the structure of a house, are essential underpinnings for a realistic and natural look. This workshop is a survey of the types of garments available today. It will discuss hip and butt pads, special undergarments, corsets and cinchers, breast forms and associated bras. Sample items will be shown, and discussion from attendees as to their personal experiences will be encouraged. This workshop will appeal to a wide range of individuals on the Transgender spectrum who wish to enhance and improve on their overall look and presentation.
9:00A Expectations (Spouses & Significant Others Only) Mrs. Karen Lehman Dogwood

Mrs. Karen
This workshop will discuss how to develop and set expectations not only for the conference, but also in your relationships. It's an opportunity to bounce your ideas off of others with similar circumstances. Come share your concerns and ideas in the privacy of other spouses and SOs with Karen and our Spouse/SO Program staff. This workshop is open only to spouses and significant others of transgender/GQ individuals.
9:00A Being Brave Together: Transgender Faith Stories Mx. Chris Paige Elm

Mx. Chris
While Transfaith leadership will open up the space, this is primarily an opportunity for people of faith (or no faith) to share about their experiences in religious traditions -- stay, leave, struggle, or what have you. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure who is safe to talk with about our faith journeys in communities where people have experienced so much religious trauma. Come and join in the conversation!
9:00A Body and Brain Yoga Ms. Emelda Nim Hemlock

Ms. Emelda
This class will concentrate on light stretching, proper breathing, meditation, relaxation and an introduction to Tai Chi. Loose and comfortable clothing such as Yoga pants, sweat pants, T-shirt and socks are needed, Shorts are not recommended. The class will slowly progress from simple stretching to prepare for further exercise, instruction on proper breathing and explanation why proper breathing is important everyday. You'll be taught ways to relax and meditate for everyday life, and accumulation of energy. Introduction to Tai Chi to show further ways to relax and focusing on rebalancing your body.
9:00A Flawless Foundation Athena Benzel Salon B

The condition of our skin can make a huge difference to how confident and in control we feel each day. A seamless veil of the good stuff, blended imperceptibly with our own skin, in a shade perfectly suited to our skin tone can make all the difference. There's a lot to consider and know before applying your favorite foundation. This workshop covers how to prep the skin to make the foundation lay oh-so-perfectly and last all day You may get tired, but your make-up shouldn't!
10:30A Transgender Personalities in History (from the 15th Century through the 1860s) Melissa Morton Ash

Since humankind began to define the boundaries of gender behavior, there have been people who have defied or crossed over those boundaries. Hear about some of these individuals, from the 15th century through the 1860s. Some of them were male to female, others of them were female to male. Some of them lived as transgender for most of their lives, others for only brief but significant periods in their lives. The deeds of some of these people have inspired books, plays, movies, and even operas. All of them left a legacy of some sort. Although this seminar has been presented before, the roster of historical figures and their stories are new. Brief biographies of each individual profiled are available upon request.
10:30A Transgender Themes in Art Ms. Laura Stone Chestnut

Ms. Laura
"Freedom: Dada Dada Dada, a roaring of tense colors, and interlacing of opposites and of all contradictions, grotesques, inconsistencies: LIFE" (From the Dada Manifesto, 1918). Many well-known visual artists have explored “transgender” as a major aspect of their work. A brief overview of this work will be presented through slides and video, including a survey of many artists from the Hellenic period in ancient Greece to the present and an in-depth discussion of several contemporary artists. Key transgender themes will be identified and their potential significance for the world of high art and popular culture discussed. As a framework for discussion, the idea of transgender experience as a metaphor for freedom will be advanced to spark questions and dialogue. Note....I don’t know if this is worth including since most readers of the program will not know who they are: These are some of the artists to be featured: Marcel Duchamp, Henry Darger, Dianne Arbus, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, John Borofsky and Yasumasa Morimura.
10:30A The Accidental Advocate Ms. Leigh Howard Dogwood

Ms. Leigh
Sometimes just doing what is right and helping your community can lead you to become an advocate. Sometimes without being beligerent or not having the full official talking points for being transgender you can become a voice for transgendered people just by being you and living your life. The workshop leader discovered that by volunteering with community organizations you can set a great example and become a postive voice for the Transgender community.
10:30A How to Blend in as a Woman . . . Talking All Things Feminine with Q&A Mrs. Cassandra Storm Elm

Mrs. Cassandra
In this workshop, Cassandra will be leading discussion, teaching through visual example, class participation and offering Q&A on the subtleties of feminine mannerisms that either set trans women apart in the crowd or help them blend in with other women while out and about in public. Topics will range from tools and techniques used in feminine communication, dress, walk, composure, dining etiquette and more. If you have ever had questions about mastering your personal feminine comportment, this is the seminar for you.

Cassandra Storm has years of experience working with transgender clients in front of the camera and landing those clients on the covers of magazines and in promotional ads not just for lgbtq media but for women's publications as well. She is a paid lecturer and expert on feminine posing for the camera and transforming her clients into their most feminine, true selves.
10:30A Living with Crossdressing: Defining a New Normal Ms. Savannah Hauk
Ms. Judy Swain

Ms. Savannah

Ms. Judy
Somewhere amid the misconceptions, stereotypes, and ignorance is the truth about non-transitioning crossdressing men. But more than that is the strength and care of the women who continue to love and support them. How can they work through the initial shock, fear and stress of knowing this new side of him? What does he need to understand about and assist In the discovery process so that his crossdressing can become a positive part of their ongoing relationship? Join us as we tackle what happens after a crossdressing man reveals himself to or is discovered by his significant other and learn about the changed dynamic between a woman and her crossdressing man.
10:30A Abuse Changes Your Life Sandra Stewart Hemlock

As one young transgender girl said “words can cut deeper than any knife”, but there are many forms of abuse to include physical, sexual, mental/emotional, bullying and neglect. What does abuse do to us and why do we have difficulty in getting out of abusive relationships? What are the day-to-day and life-long consequences of enduring abusive relationships? Join us as we share our stories in an affirming environment and look for ways to end the abuse and depart destructive relationships.
10:30A Balancing Roles and Identities During Transition Continuing Education Ms. Maggie New
Dr. Judith Samkoff
Salon A

Ms. Maggie

Dr. Judith
You are more than your gender identity. You are a family member; a friend; an employee; an artist; an athlete; a generally awesome kaleidoscope of identities and roles. Actively seeking personal comfort and balance of life's roles eases distress and can help create a support system necessary for a successful transition.

This is a limited seating hands-on workshop. Using provided materials, participants will create a personalized collage of their own life roles and relationships. They will explore relational interdependence and obligations and how they might best be balanced. Discussion topics such as individual needs and abilities, developing realistic expectations, healthy personal boundaries, and self-care, among others, will be encouraged.
10:30A Exquisite Eyes Athena Benzel Salon B

Learning to use eye makeup is no easy task, even for seasoned divas. And there is no shame in admitting that! From picking the right shades to angling your brushes, it's easy to get confused about the best ways to make your eyes pop. Certified MAC Makeup Artist Brittney will offer techniques on how to apply make-up correctly so as to give your face a pretty polish for an interview or sultry drama for a fun night out. She will discuss eye shapes and contouring, benefits of using primers, color palette selection, and proper application of eyeliner and mascara to achieve the 'perfect' eye makeup look for you. So come learn how to master the best techniques for those Exquisite Eyes!
10:30A Know Your Rights: Employment Continuing Education Brenda Klitsch
Phos Ivestei
Salon C


Whether you are employed or actively seeking employment, it’s essential to know your rights and what measures you can take to address discrimination in the workplace. This workshop will provide an overview of Federal and Pennsylvania anti-discrimination laws. We will also discuss some common issues, such as when you may use your chosen name even if you not had a legal name change, whether to disclosure gender identity when applying for employment, coming out (or not coming out!) on the job, and what options you have if you think you are being discriminated against.
2:00P Crossdressing Hacks Ms. Steffi Randolph Ash

Ms. Steffi
I always see questions from newbies and others trying to get to the net level. Some of the questions are ones that I suffered through. How do I pay for girl things without my wife knowing? How do I ship it so I don't have to worry about getting home before my wife does? I'd like to surreptitiously try on girls clothes in a brick and mortar store before I buy something. Is there some way that I can do it without stopping the world from spinning on it's axis? I have a whole host of answers that I can provide to help girls find their way in this crazy world.
2:00P Perfecting your Wig & Contour 101 Laurie Chism
Jackie Cee


Have you ever wondered if your wig is right for your face shape? Have you wondered what coloring matches your skin tone? Have you wondered how to style your wig natural hair as you transition? Have you questioned how to properly care for your hair/wig? Have you wondered what the difference is in a $60 wig and a $600 wig?  Do you struggle trying to contour and feminze your face shape? If you answered yes to any of these questions this workshop is for you.   Join style and beauty expert Laurie Chism, in this fun, interactive, and educational workshop See your confidence level soar as you learn the skills to expertly style your wig/hair. Laurie Chism will both entertain and inspire you, while teaching how to choose what wig looks best for your face, shape and color! Laurie will also demonstrate some simple and easy ways to shape & contour your face to bring out the best most feminine version of you.
2:00P Setting SMART Goals, Finding Ways to Save, and Heart-to-Heart Conversations About Aging Beth McKinley Chestnut

Saving for big dreams can be daunting. This workshop you will help you learn how to set specific, measurable and achievable goals that are results-based with clear deadlines, so you can fund the things that matter to you most. We will also provide tips and tactics on ways to increase your income, reduce your expenses, and recognize spending leaks. Lastly, we will talk about ways to initiate healthy heart-to-heart conversations with your family about your wishes and potential needs in the future. This includes having a strategy in place to make things easier on your family after you’re gone.

No products or services will be sold.
2:00P Law Enforcement, the Criminal Justice System and the Transgender Community Ms. Sarah Moore Elm

Ms. Sarah
The media is full of stories that paint law enforcement in a negative way which creates a feeling that one should be afraid of law enforcement officers. While this is a topic of great debate amongst politicians and citizens alike the inevitable fallout is the creation of some level of fear for the average person. This fear is magnified when you are the member of a group, like the transgender community, that has historically been misunderstood, marginalized, ridiculed, abused or worse. This workshop will explore various situations in which members of the transgender community may interact with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. We will explore options for successfully navigating situations that range from traffic stops to felony level criminal investigations. Attendees will receive a quick reference card with the top five tips for interacting with law enforcement. Audience participation and the sharing of personal experiences is encouraged but not required.
2:00P Living with Crossdressing: Discovering Your True Identity Ms. Savannah Hauk
Ms. Judy Swain

Ms. Savannah

Ms. Judy
Based on Savannah Hauk's second book, this session will focus on the components that comprise all people. From our biology, to our gender identity and presentation, to our sexual and romantic attractions, to the pronouns that epitomizes our identities best, every one of us--not just crossdressers--can use these metrics to discover our true sense of self.
2:00P Sexual Healthcare as Resistance Noah Penny
Jason Melcher
Samuel Rynearson



This session focuses on sexual health disparities among marginalized populations, and suggests that one of the many ways of taking our power back and to dismantle oppressive systems is to empower our community to value our collective sexual health via individual action. We will discuss a brief history of sexual health disparities within the LGBTQ+ population, discuss basic STI's, common sexual health misconceptions and provide resources to overcome barriers facing queer sexual health, thus starting the build of a healthier queer community.
2:00P Voice and Gender Identity: Unlock Your TruVoice! Ms. Anna Lantry Salon A

Ms. Anna
The purpose of this workshop is to cover the difference between masculine and feminine voices, and how a voice can be trained to change from a masculine quality to a feminine quality or vice versa. We will explore the anatomy/physiology of the human voice, individual elements of a masculine or feminine sound, and how those elements can be changed healthily to retrain the voice to a quality that the individual is happy with. The goal is not necessarily to have a passable voice (as that is not everyone's goal), but rather to train the voice to a point that the individual is able to alleviate dysphoria and be happy with the sound they use to interact with others. We recognize that people of diverse genders have diverse goals, hence the reason our slogan is Unlock Your TruVoice!
2:00P Relationship Priorities: Using Communication and Compassion to Work Through Transition Continuing Education Ms. Susan Bienvenu
Mrs. Karen Lehman
Ms. Jennifer Lehman
Salon B

Ms. Susan

Mrs. Karen

Ms. Jennifer
Discussions often focus on the needs of the transitioning transgender individual, somewhat exclusive to the needs of the relationship with a partner. This seminar will turn the focus to the relationship between the transgender person and their spouse or significant other. Transition is a very difficult time for a couple, and frequently leads to the loss of the relationship. Your presenter does not believe that this has to be the inevitable outcome, and hopes to offer her experience with her late spouse Jude, and that of friends and acquaintances who have gone through transition of a partner, in the hope that others can find these experiences useful. Aspects discussed includes "couples transition" and skills in languaging and negotiation, managing expectations and maintaining open lines of communication. These approaches are proven techniques in couples counseling, and helped tremendously during Jude's transition. Please come join us for discussions and a few exercises that can help bring a new understanding to the power of language and negotiation.
2:00P Navigating the Legal Name Change Process in Pennsylvania Brenda Klitsch
Phos Ivestei
Salon C


A legal name change affirms identity and can protect safety and security. To obtain a legal name change in Pennsylvania, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. This workshop will review the steps in the court’s process, explain what one will need to begin and complete that process, and provide information about assistance that is available.
3:30P Gender Dysphoria & Transgender: A Short Primer to Understanding Sex, Sexuality and Gender Identity Ms. Randi Sue Potter Birch

Ms. Randi Sue
Whether you are transgender, think you might be transgender, or know someone who is transgender, or are an ally, the terms and descriptions can be confusing. We will make sense out of the terms sex, sexuality, and gender, including many gender expressions, learn what part chromosomes, genes, drugs (both prescribed and non-prescribed) and our brain have in this process - to help us each understand ourself, and why we think and feel the way we do. Attendees will receive a copy of the booklet "Gender Dysphoria & Transgender: A Short Primer to Understanding Sex, Sexuality and Gender Identity".
3:30P Setting SMART Goals, Finding Ways to Save, and Heart-to-Heart Conversations About Aging Beth McKinley Chestnut

Saving for big dreams can be daunting. This workshop you will help you learn how to set specific, measurable and achievable goals that are results-based with clear deadlines, so you can fund the things that matter to you most. We will also provide tips and tactics on ways to increase your income, reduce your expenses, and recognize spending leaks. Lastly, we will talk about ways to initiate healthy heart-to-heart conversations with your family about your wishes and potential needs in the future. This includes having a strategy in place to make things easier on your family after you’re gone.

No products or services will be sold.
3:30P The Equality Battleground that is Transgender Participation in Sports Ms. Christine Penn Dogwood

Ms. Christine
Emotions run high and sensational headlines explode across the tabloids. In the current political environment of increased hate and diminished rights, everyone seem to have an opinion on this. From sports figures, participants, and even rappers. But how much is based on emotions or scientific facts? Lets look at the current state of affairs. The controversies, the facts, the people, and what science is telling us, while trying to set the emotions aside.
3:30P The Sensuality of Glamour Rituals Amelia Seraphina Elm

Do you enjoy makeup and dressing up? Let's take it a step further! Learn how to use glamour rituals to ignite your sensuality and build your confidence.
In this workshop we'll use makeup, dressing up and the art of burlesque as our methods of choice. You'll learn a little bit of glamour history too. No experience is needed - just a willingness to learn and your beautiful smile!
Join Amelia Seraphina, a sexuality educator, photographer and artist as she guides you through a fun and interactive experience. Let's use glamour to help us sparkle from the inside out.
3:30P Connection by Design: The Better to See You! Kim Holden
Trina Jackson


Come grow in ways you have never done before! We will look at vision and how we can expand! You are invited to drop the pressure to be perfect, nice, politically correct, good, or whatever keeps you from being yourself. Together, we will play verbal games designed to explore relating with others in real time with real feelings. Learn to be intimate with others by cultivating your ability to be seen and heard, and by using your attention to see and hear them. Be in YOUR OWN TRUTH. Explore through Play. All in a safe, welcoming space.
3:30P Transitioning - How to Select a Surgeon and the Things Nobody Tells You Ms. Deedra Kay Salon A

Ms. Deedra
The seminar will cover my personal experiences in finding specialized surgeons for the purpose of transitioning, selecting the right doctor for you, reading the red flag warning and the things nobody tells you until after your surgery.
3:30P Interacting with Healthcare Continuing Education Dr. Douglas McCracken
Emily Cotton
Salon C

Dr. Douglas

Central PA can be a beautiful and great place to live, but sometimes it can also feel "stuck in its ways." To add to this, doctors and hospitals can seem to speak a different language. We will try to make some sense of this, and give some tips on how to interact with healthcare, with a goal to improve your health. (and maybe help improve "the system" along the way!)


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