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Daily Schedule for Saturday March 28, 2020

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8:00A Prayer Breakfast Rev. Joanne Carroll Dog & Pony Private Room

Rev. Joanne
Many people like to begin their day with prayer. Prayer in the morning is good way to sidestep the distractions that come when people are struggling with issues in their lives. Come join us for inter-denominational friendship and fellowship in the back of the Dog & Pony Restaurant in their Private Dining Room. This event is open to all faiths and those individuals wanting to experience the power of common prayer. When we gather, there is power in our chorus that is lifted towards God. Morning Prayer is the best way to command the day and grow closer to each other and God.

Food and beverage at individual expense.
8:00A Friends of Bill W. Meeting Sibil G. Ash
This meeting welcomes those who think they have a problem with alcohol and/or any other substance, and will be based on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.
9:00A Keystone Clothing Exchange and Consignment Carriage House Boutique PA Ballroom
Do you have gently-used clothes or shoes in good condition that you would like to give away, donate or sell for a good cause? Then come participate in the Keystone Clothing Exchange and Consignment. You may either donate your unwanted items or you can choose to consign your items--all of which will be made available to other attendees. This event is sponsored by Carriage House Boutique whose wonderful staff will be present to help attendees find those perfect items. The clothing exchange will be held in the Vendor Area (Pennsylvania Ballroom) and the hours of operation are:

Wednesday 12:00 pm to 4:30 p
Thursday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Also, you do not need to bring anything to 'swap.' All attendees are welcome to browse and take items (or purchase consigned items) at the clothing exchange. Dressing rooms are available. Items may be dropped off at any time during the hours mentioned. Hangers would be appreciated. Items remaining at the end of the swap will be donated to local aid organizations. All consigned items must be picked up by 12 pm on Saturday or will be considered donated.

So please, DON'T UNDERPACK FOR KEYSTONE and help your brothers and sisters in our community!
9:00A Quiet Space TBA
Open to those needing a quiet space to reflect. Open from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm on Saturday.
9:00A Becoming A Better Ally - Strategies and Tactics Corinne Goodwin Ash

Do you want to be a better ally for gender-diverse people? Join us for this interactive workshop where we will explore the characteristics of allyship, how to speak effectively about the transgender experience, and teach simple everyday techniques you can use to support the transgender community.
9:00A Making the Most of Part-Time Womanhood Miss Sally Stone Chestnut

Miss Sally
For those of us who don’t necessarily subscribe to the concept of a gender binary, or who simply aren’t in a position to transition, this discussion will offer ideas and concepts to help us make the most out of being part-time women. This seminar is for trans women, like myself, who choose to live only part of their lives as women. Our discussion will delve into the challenges we face as part-time women and offer possible solutions to help us overcome many of those challenges. Particularly, we will focus on the best ways to achieve true, feminine self-expression. Topics will include dress, style, presentation, self-confidence, and achieving balance. I plan to use my own experiences as the catalyst for discussion, but hope to generate considerable input from audience participation. My intent is show others that we can live fulfilling, feminine lives, even if only doing it part of the time.
9:00A Sticks & Stones: Words Hurt! Tish Weikel
Allison Mahon



This workshop will provide attendees with the importance of using affirmative language, explore the differences between sex assigned at birth, gender identity, and gender expression, and provide the most up to date language in the transgender community. This workshop will also provide resources on how to educate others about the gender continuum.
9:00A Writing Your Coming Out Letter Ms. Sophie Lynne Hemlock

Ms. Sophie
Declaring your Truth to the world, also known as "Coming Out," is one of the hardest things a person will ever do in their lifetimes. Coming out affects everything and everyone in your life. Many people choose to do this via the written word, be it read in person, sent via email, or posted on social media. This workshop will cover two types of the "Coming out" letter: Personal and Professional. While each person's experiences are unique, there are enough commonalities that we share that we can learn from each other. What NEEDS to be said? How do I say it professionally? How can I write my letter to give me the maximum possibility of acceptance? These topics will be covered and more, by sharing the letters of those who have already gone through the process, as well group discussion.
9:00A Effective Communication Skills for Couples Mx. Miranda Jones
Anne Lewis
Salon A

Mx. Miranda

Our workshop will share the communication techniques that we have relied upon to get through nearly 30+ year relationship including: marriage, four major military conflicts, multiple military deployments, three combat tours, four children (two of whom were born during military deployment) and even manage to navigate this recent journey of gender discovery. We will discuss and demonstrate how we create a safe space for each other so that we can communicate without fear of judgement or risk of disapproval. We will also discuss what our early communication looked like and what led us to work to improve our skills and eventually establish what works for us today. While there are plenty of gender-discovery references, our communication practices have served us extremely well through every step of our relationship and can be valuable tools for anyone who wants to improve how they deliver and receive interpersonal conversation from day-to-day discussion to deeply personal concerns.
9:00A Facial Feminization: Customized Evaluation and Treatment for Optimal Results Continuing Education Dr. Sherman Leis Salon B

Dr. Sherman
Dr. Leis will demonstrate and explain classic prototypes of masculine and feminine facial features. He will discuss a variety of options for feminizing facial features and demonstrate that in the majority of cases, excellent results can be obtained without extensive and expensive cranio-facial surgery. Cases are shown demonstrating excellent and natural results from selective and customized facial feminization procedures.
9:00A WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), the Standards of Care, and Counseling the Trans-Identified Patient Continuing Education Dr. Michele Angello Salon C

Dr. Michele
The presentation will identify the recommended requirements to be met prior to medical transition as well as the counselling process gender specialists use to determine the need for transitional treatment methods.
10:30A Trans Youth Policy and Advocacy Jason Landau Goodman
Preston Heldibridle

Landau Goodman

Young transgender and gender expansive Pennsylvanians have unique and often challenging experiences in affirming their gender under the law. Adopting effective policies, as well as ensuring their successful implementation, can be crucial for trans youth. This session will educate participants on the local, state, and federal laws, and educational programs, that have direct impact on trans youth. Participants will gain valuable skills to use in their home communities in the push toward trans youth justice. We will also examine several case studies of anti-trans discrimination involving youth in Pennsylvania.
10:30A The Woman Within - Finding your Feminine Style Ms. Katherine Cartmell Birch

Ms. Katherine
Just like any girl growing up, whether you know it or not your sense of self was formed by watching the women around you. Years of watching, learning and emulating made some of those women your role models. It may be your mother, an aunt, a sister, a boss, a friend, or even a movie character. Your role models hold keys to your personal style ~ that person you‘re trying to reflect through what you wear. Finding that fundamental style will help you build a chic, workable wardrobe that gives you confidence ~ because it truly reflects you.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll help you discover those influences which, when distilled and applied, communicate to the world who you really are. Then, we’ll demystify the art of dressing well – focusing on dressing for our real age. Many of us come into our own in our “second act,” and we want – and need -- to look chic, vibrant and always appropriate. At the same time, by dressing well we can actually appear younger! Finally, we can truly embrace being the age we are, beautifully.
10:30A “Navigating Your Spiritual Valley” - Kathy Randall, Founder - Light in the Closet Ministry Ms. Kathy Randall Klein Chestnut

Ms. Kathy Randall
An informational session focused on the affirmations found in Scripture concerning gender identity. (Discussion session to follow.) This session will focus on the role religion has played (mainly Christian, but not exclusively) concerning the subject of being transgendered. The content will be designed to equip those who are questioning their transgendered nature, or are being persecuted by religious ignorance, to find answers to common questions or objections. We will shed some light on the subject by seeing what the Bible says about nurture, nature choice, as well as other topics. I will show that many religious leaders had a positive view of gender identity and inclusion. I will discuss how we (transgender) are a valuable resource to our spiritual communities. MATERIALS: There will be handouts, and booklets available, as well as a visual (slide and video) presentation. POSITIONS HELD: Commissioned Minister: HCC Stephen Ministry 2009 - present Organizer: CLGS Transgender Religious Leaders Summit 2010-2014 Participant: HRC Clergy Call, Washington DC, 2010, 2012, 2014 Practice Spirit Do Justice, Trans* Working Grou
10:30A Workplace Issues for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals Dr. Deborah Smith Dogwood

Dr. Deborah
This workshop takes on an expansive review and discussion of the issues affecting the employment of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals beginning with attraction and recruitment, HR systems and gender markers, employment applications, background checks, employer drug testing, employment exams, federal security clearances, onboarding and retention, sponsoring and mentoring, workplace gender transition plans and practices, medical and benefit coverage, restroom and locker room use, global travel, and leveraging allies and ERGs/BRGs. Best HR practices will be shared and many actional insights and opportunities will be highlighted. Clear audience takeaways: 1. Understand the significant cultural shift which is occurring regarding gender identity, gender fluidity, and gender expression 2. Understand the different intersections where existing HR systems and common employment practices create significant employment issues and liabilities 3. Understand how different employment settings and situations may pose difficulties for transgender and/or gender nonconforming individuals and how to mitigate and manage these situations The significant demographic and legal (regulatory) changes that are underway in America including EEOC enforcement trends and activity Gender marker issues in employment and HR Systems Application and background check challenges such as with SSN name changes Employer drug testing, use of prosthetic devices, and directly observed testing requirements under DOT Part 40 Career development including coaches, mentors, and sponsors and how to leverage ERGs Gender transition plans, resources, and best practices Bathroom and locker room use, and understanding of current OSHA guidance ensuring restroom access as a safety issue Federal security clearance issues and support for workplace gender transitions Medical and benefit coverage best practices
10:30A Feminizing the Voice - Comparing Surgical Options Dr. James Thomas Elm

Dr. James
Dr. Thomas will demonstrate how vocal cords function using video recordings of male, female and surgically altered vocal cords. Pitch and resonance are affected by the anatomy as well as how the anatomy is used. Surgical modification of the voicebox will be discussed, including Feminization Laryngoplasty (FemLar), one type of vocal cord (laryngeal) surgery designed to obtain a more feminine sounding voice in male to female transgender patients. Several other types of procedures target the frequency or pitch of the resting speaking voice to various degrees. CricoThryoid Approximation (CTA), vocal cord webbing, laser vocal cord thinning and pharyngeal narrowing procedures will be discussed and compared. He will discuss risks and inadequate outcomes as well as successful interventions. If you have experienced a voice change after a Tracheal Shave procedure, he will discuss the correction of this problem. At the conclusion of this lecture, the listener should better understanding the concepts that can help in decision-making about voice therapy as well as when, if and what type of surgeries to consider.
10:30A Skin Care: A Good ‘Foundation’ Is Essential Mrs. Petra Hayden-Wisnewski Fir

Mrs. Petra
When it comes to skin care, there are a host of options out there and plenty of ways to spend your money. We will talk about high end skin care versus drug store options. Having a good "foundation" on which to work is essential as the first step to looking your best whether you are going for a natural look or going full on glam. We will also discuss color correcting along with primers and how best to use them to build the look you want to achieve.
10:30A Ask a Spouse/SO Mrs. Karen Lehman
Ms. Susan Bienvenu
Ms. Kate Weber

Mrs. Karen

Ms. Susan

Ms. Kate
This panel of spouses/significant others (SO’s) provides an opportunity for transgender individuals to ask questions of other SO’s regarding relationships, feelings, and emotions. The panel can also act as a sounding board for conversations that a transgender person may want to have with their spouse/significant other. The SO’s on this panel have asked their transgender spouses to not be in the room so as to provide an open and honest forum. This workshop may be able to offer perspective and insight on how your journey affects the ones you love.
10:30A Gender-Affirming Hormones Continuing Education Dr. Jarrett Sell Salon A

Dr. Jarrett
The workshop will explore current evidence-based medical options and protocols for gender affirming hormone management. Attendees will develop a better understanding of benefits of hormones as well as understand potential side effects and risks.
10:30A Male-to-Female (MTF) Gender Affirming Surgical Options - A Comprehensive Guide Continuing Education Dr. Kathy Rumer Salon B

Dr. Kathy
During this workshop, Dr. Rumer will present a detailed discussion of the most common gender affirming surgical options available to the transitioning male-to-female individual. These surgical procedures will be presented from the pre-operative, operative and post-operative perspectives. The surgical procedures that will be presented include genital surgery (single-stage penile inversion vaginoplasty and orchiectomy), chest feminization (breast augmentation), facial feminization (brow lift, brow shave, blepharoplasty, face lift, lip shortening, tracheal shave, rhinoplasty and fat grafting), body contouring (liposuction and Brazilian butt lift) and hair transplantation (scalp and eyebrows). Illustrations and before/after photographs will be presented to support the discussion. Dr. Rumer welcomes questions and audience participation throughout her presentation.
12:00P Saturday Luncheon with Guest Speaker Amanda Jetté Knox Amanda Jetté Knox Commonwealth Ballroom

Jetté Knox
Amanda Jetté Knox is an award-winning writer and human rights advocate from Ottawa, Canada. She, along with her family, share their story about the power of acceptance, understanding, vulnerability and unconditional love, in the hopes of normalizing the existence of LGBTQ+ families.

Amanda’s work has been featured by several national and international media outlets, including BBC, CBC, The Today Show, O Magazine, The Social, The Marilyn Denis Show and Upworthy. She is the recipient of the 2014 Joan Gullen Journalism award for Media Excellence in Small Print, and a Chatelaine Canada 2019 Woman of the Year.

Amanda is the author of Love Lives Here: A Story of Thriving in a Transgender Family which is a #1 bestseller, an Indigo Best Books of the Year, and sits on the 2020 Canada Reads Longlist.
2:00P How We Win: Advocating for LGBTQ Equality in Pennsylvania Jason Landau Goodman
Preston Heldibridle

Landau Goodman

Pennsylvania remains a difficult place for many people to be openly LGBTQ under the law. Our state legislature has adopted no law currently in effect to ban anti-LGBTQ discrimination or violence in our schools and communities. To demand equality under local and state laws, we must be strategic in all our efforts. This session will provide you with a clear understanding of LGBTQ civil rights in Pennsylvania - our histories, present, and future agendas from Harrisburg. Participants will learn important tools you can use back in your communities to advance critical social and economic justice work.
2:00P The Woman Within – Dressing Well for Who You Are Now Ms. Katherine Cartmell Birch

Ms. Katherine
By now, you’ve probably learned to dress in a consistent and age-appropriate style that makes you feel comfortable. In this workshop, we will explore the details that truly make your clothing fit well, present you at your very best and support your individual sense of style. One special focus will be looking current and on trend. Being -- and looking -- youthful in spirit is not a luxury. Today’s job market and workplace require a hip, flexible outlook – and a hip, age-appropriate wardrobe that communicates your spirit. What you’ll learn:

Balance and Line ~ For many, our bodies have unique proportions that will never align with standard measurements. So, you’ll learn to create your own rules, ones that work for your body ~ from head to toe ~ to create balance and flattering proportion in your clothes.

Fit ~ Dressing to fit your real body requires a few tricks, using tools that are many women’s best kept secrets. Learn them to look great, current and more youthful, too.

Details ~ You’ll learn how to assess your assets ~ and what you want to play down. Learn to shop with confidence knowing what colors, fabrics, necklines, sleeves, lengths and accessories work for you.

Putting it Together ~ You’ll learn how to feel truly confident in any setting, knowing that you fit in, yet stand out with vibrancy, with a style that is uniquely you.
2:00P Interactions with Public Safety Agencies, local, (State and Federal) while presenting as your authentic self. Ms. Christine Daily Elm

Ms. Christine
The following topic will cover providing information to assist anyone who is out in public whether they are part-time or fulltime presenting in a different gender. • Public Safety, Police/Sheriffs, etc. What to do if pulled over How to act if the office is disrespectful How to politely correct misgendering Having a state-issued Id with one gender photo, with the original gender information • Fire & EMS Agencies. As either a patient or bystander What the standard of care is about for all patient treated by any agency providing EMS services How to interact with emergency personnel when presenting in a different gender. How to politely correct misgendering • TSA while traveling What information one should have if traveling presenting as a different gender then listed on official ID What you may be subjected to with wearing prosthetics Understanding the right of TSA to do a physical search while presenting in a different gender while traveling. International v/s domestic traveling while presenting in another gender Interactive Scenarios (participants in the class will be asked to role-play with cue cards) Two Scenarios #1: Police officer pulling over a transgender person and continually miss-gendering that person #2 EMS Medic Caring for a person presenting in a different gender who is unprofessional and rude to that person.
2:00P An Unedited Life: A Couple's Journey Into The Open Bree Fram
Mrs. Peg Fram


Mrs. Peg
Peg and Bree have been together for 20 years and have two children (11 and 7), but for 16 of those years no one knew the whole story. Peg described it best as living an edited life, where we always had to keep a censor in place between our thoughts and what we said or wrote. Bree revealed that there was something a bit different about her a few weeks into the relationship, but it stayed between the two of them for many years due to internal and external factors. When the military changed their policy regarding transgender service, Bree was able to come out publicly. Not without a bit of fear, the family jumped into the unknown. This workshop will cover some of our history together and the challenges we've faced along the way. It will touch on life in the closet, telling the kids, coming out, having a foot in two genders, transition, relationship issues, and the value of visibility. Audience questions and participation is welcome.
2:00P Primer on Name Change: Planning for the Current Legal Process in Your State Lauren Stein Hemlock

This seminar will introduce the general legal requirements for the formal name change process in your state. It will review the petition requirements, what additional steps may be required, whether advertising is required or avoidable, and what to expect at the hearing. Lastly, it will discuss what you need to do to update your legal documents to your new name including social security, passports, and driver’s licenses.
2:00P Male-to-Female (MTF) Gender Affirming Surgical Options - A Comprehensive Guide Continuing Education Dr. Kathy Rumer Salon B

Dr. Kathy
During this workshop, Dr. Rumer will present a detailed discussion of the most common gender affirming surgical options available to the transitioning male-to-female individual. These surgical procedures will be presented from the pre-operative, operative and post-operative perspectives. The surgical procedures that will be presented include genital surgery (single-stage penile inversion vaginoplasty and orchiectomy), chest feminization (breast augmentation), facial feminization (brow lift, brow shave, blepharoplasty, face lift, lip shortening, tracheal shave, rhinoplasty and fat grafting), body contouring (liposuction and Brazilian butt lift) and hair transplantation (scalp and eyebrows). Illustrations and before/after photographs will be presented to support the discussion. Dr. Rumer welcomes questions and audience participation throughout her presentation.
2:00P Female to Male Surgical Options: Genital, Chest, and Revisions/Repairs Continuing Education Dr. Toby Meltzer Salon C

Dr. Toby
A PowerPoint Presentation discussing current surgical techniques, a discussion of procedures, risks and complications, before and after photos with time for questions and answers. He is available for brief individual one on one visits. You may contact our office at 866-876-6329 if you wish to schedule a one on one visit. Formal or longer consultations need to be scheduled at our Scottsdale office at 866-876-6329.
3:30P Advocating For Trans Kids In Schools Corinne Goodwin Ash

75% of trans kids feel unsafe in school and the educational outcomes for kids who experience harassment are 27% lower than for the population as a whole. In other words, the issues for trans kids in school run much deeper than whether or not they can use the restroom of the gender that they identify with. In today’s seminar we will review issues for trans kids in the schools and current legal standards while uncovering 10 best practices that public schools should be implementing to promote a positive educational experience for young trans people.
3:30P My TEDx Talk and Being Accepted For It Ms. Karen Holmes Birch

Ms. Karen
How to be successful at applying to doing a TEDx Talk. If you have a story that the TEDx Audience will be able to take home to enrich their life, then I will share what I did from applying, to doing an addition, to doing the live show. Working with a coach that they will provide for you, and getting ready mentally for the "Big Show" before a live audience.
3:30P How to Look Amazing in Your Gala Pictures Mrs. Cassandra Storm Chestnut

Mrs. Cassandra
Take the most incredible selfies and pose flawlessly for the camera at tonight's Gala. All the quickie do's and don'ts you need to make your photos get the most likes online! For returning students . . .new information and Trade Secrets Cassandra has never taught in public before! Cassandra Storm has been celebrated as the Keystone Conference photographer since 2012. In addition to having her business, Cassandra Storm Photography, she is also a paid lecturer on all topics of lighting, photography, modeling and photo composition. On New Years Day she launched a lifestyle video podcast exclusively for the transgender community called My Feminine Heart available at as well as Google, Apple, Spotify and Anchor Podcasts, YouTube, FB and Instagram!
3:30P Getting Insurance To Pay For Hair Removal Mr. James W Walker VII Dogwood

Mr. James W
Walker VII
Strategies for negotiating the maze of insurance blockades between you and the insurance company approving your hair removal.
3:30P SO What Now? (Spouses and Significant Others Only) Continuing Education Dr. Michele Angello Hemlock

Dr. Michele
As you come to the end of what may have been your first or tenth Keystone Conference, you may be wondering “what now?” Having the chance to talk with other significant others can be a rare and meaningful experience. This workshop will focus on sharing some of the questions, challenges and opportunities faced by anyone who is in a relationship with someone who is transgender. Particular focus will be on preparing to return home and creating a personal support network. This workshop is open only to spouses and significant others of transgender/GQ individuals. There are many wonderful things that happen at Keystone every year, one of the best is the supportive connections that are made!
3:30P It's NOT Not Natural – The Biology of Sex and Gender Continuing Education Dr. Brenda Vulpes Salon A

Dr. Brenda
The title makes reference to the frequent assertion that being transgender is not natural. Statements such as, “it goes against the laws of nature”, reflect a lack of understanding of sexual expression in the natural world. This raises the question, what do sex and gender really mean from a scientific perspective? This workshop will explore how the sexes differ, how they are similar, and how sexual expression and gender identity are more naturally viewed as a broad range of forms and behaviors. We will examine mechanisms of sex determination and development, including the roles of chromosomes, genes, hormones, and the environment. The extreme diversity of sexual expression in nature provides the basis for understanding, just what is natural?
3:30P Male to Female Surgical Options: Genital, Facial Feminization, Breast Augmentation, Revisions/Repairs and Body Contouring Continuing Education Dr. Toby Meltzer Salon C

Dr. Toby
A PowerPoint Presentation discussing current surgical techniques, a discussion of procedures, risks and complications, before and after photos with time for questions and answers. He is available for brief individual one on one visits. You may contact our office at 866-876-6329 if you wish to schedule a one on one visit. Formal or longer consultations need to be scheduled at our Scottsdale office at 866-876-6329.
5:00P Keystone Transmen Reception Mason L. TBA

Mr. Mason
This is a Transmen-only (and their significant others and family) reception with refreshments. Come meet some of the other guys at the conference and share your stories, humor, challenges and successes.
6:00P Keystone Gala Reception with Musical Entertainment Assemble Area
Come join us for Saturday's cocktail reception held in in the Assembly Area overlooking the beautiful city of Harrisburg and hosted by our conference sponsors.
7:00P Saturday Gala Dinner with Keynote Speaker Pooya Mohseni Pooya Mohseni Commonwealth Ballroom

Pooya Mohseni is an Iranian-American actor, writer, filmmaker and Trans activist. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran she moved to New York at the age of 19. She studied design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she discovered her love of acting and story telling after joining the FIT theatre ensemble. She is a graduate of the esteemed Maggie Flanigan Studio.

She is the co-producer, star & co-writer of "Transit: A NYC FAIRYTALE", a short film about love between a trans woman and a cis man, coming out in 2020. Pooya is the first middle eastern trans actor on network television to portray a judge on season 21 of NBC's "Law & Order: SVU",and is a recurring guest star on the new crime drama "Big Dogs", the first season of USA Network's "Falling Water" and CBS's "Madam Secretary."

Pooya's fluent in Persian(Farsi), a transgender advocate, and a voice for immigrants’ and women’s issues. She is a member of the advisory council for the Gender and Family Project at the Ackerman Institute. She has also written articles for the Advocate and other platforms, shedding light on the different aspects of being trans, in the past, the present and future. She's very involved in writing and co-writing original LGBT stories to shed light on otherwise under represented communities.
9:00P Musical Entertainment by Wicked Jezebel Wicked Jezebel Commonwealth Ballroom
Keystone’s Hallmark event, the Gala Dance Saturday night will be the highpoint of the entire conference and bring to a close another successful celebration of gender diversity. The most shy and demur wallflower will spend hours looking for the perfect gown, classy dancing shoes and an amazing hairdo for the final night of fun and celebration. Even the guys will spend time at local haberdashery’s finding ideal apparel for that dapper look and to dress to impress. Try some new moves on the dance floor while enjoying the company of new found friends, old acquaintances and leave with great memories. The night will be electric and one you will never forget.

Once again, we have Wicked Jezebel, DC’s award winning all girl band delivering hits from all of the partying decades to the whole Mid Atlantic!. 60's Motown, 70's Disco, classic rock, the wicked 80's, to the grungy/techno 90's with a "tad" of today, Wicked Jezabel delivers the best party atmosphere anywhere!
10:30P Saturday Keystone After Party Dog & Pony Lounge
Gather in the Sheraton's Dog & Pony Lounge for some social time!


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