March 22nd - 26th, 2023

2023 Workshops & Seminars - Experience Sharing/Discussion

A Journey of Authenticity: A Transman Reflects on 38 Years
2:00 PM on Sat, Mar 25 in Harrisburger A

Mr. Martin
This workshop deals with my experiences as a transman from the beginning of my journey in 1985 up to the present day. From the beginning with trying to understand my gender dysphoria before there was even a name for it, trying to seek out help and services where there was literally nothing available, and the factors involved in trying to make a momentous life altering decision when I had no one to talk to about it. I will explain the process of trying to talk to friends and family members about who I was and who I wanted to be when there was only derogatory language assigned to the process of being "transsexual". I share in detail my journey through the decades of employment challenges, social and physical changes, emotional relationships and finally arriving at a state of nirvana where there is self-acceptance, self-love and most of all - authenticity. I use my life experiences and the unique skill set that I have to educate people about the transgender experience. I provide instruction to local school boards in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area on how best to integrate transgender students into public school classrooms and curricula.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Image & Presentation, Non-Binary, Professional Education, Surgery, TransMasculine

AFAB - Top Surgery Show and Tell Pool Party
3:30 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Metropolitan A

Mr. Mason

Friday 3:30 pm Workshop Slot, modified start time 4 pm. Join Tesla and Mason at the Hilton Pool for an informal discussion and show and tell on Top Surgery. We will share our experiences, scars, and stories with you about the process, recovery, and post-op care. Post Op folks who wish to share their experiences with the group are encouraged to show up in swim attire as well. Everyone is welcome to swim with us even if you don't wish to share.

Ask a Spouse/SO
2:00 PM on Sat, Mar 25 in Metropolitan B

Mrs. Karen

Ms. Susan

Ms. Kate.

Mrs. Peg
This panel of spouses/significant others (SO's) provides an opportunity for transgender individuals to ask questions regarding relationships, feelings, and emotions. The panel can also act as a sounding board for conversations that a transgender person may want to have with their spouse/significant other. The SO's on this panel have asked their transgender spouses to not be in the room to provide an open and honest forum. This workshop may be able to offer perspective and insight on how your journey affects the ones you love.

Becoming a Mermaid
9:00 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Penn Harris A

At what point did you know you did not quite fit in? That there was something that was not quite ‘right’. "Gender is a reality, and a more fundamental reality than sex.” This will be an allegorical journey. We will take a deep dive into our reality in an effort to sea more clearly. Coming to congruence with who you are and how you got there is serious however…

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Relationships, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Wellness, Workplace, Youth

Below the Belt: How to Plan for Surgery
9:00 AM on Sat, Mar 25 in Metropolitan A

Mr. Cris
This will be a workshop discussing different genital surgery options available. How to make the best decision for YOUR body and needs. Partners welcome only if with significant other.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Image & Presentation, Professional Education, Surgery, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Wellness

Booty and Bosom - It's What's Underneath That Counts!
3:30 PM on Thu, Mar 23 in Penn Harris A

Ms. Leah
Proper feminine presentation is a major goal for those exploring their feminine side. While a lot of attention has been given to makeup and fashion (clothing, jewelry and shoes), foundation garments, like the structure of a house, are essential underpinnings for a realistic and natural look. This workshop is a survey of the types of garments available today. It will discuss hip and butt pads, special undergarments, corsets and cinchers, breast forms and associated bras. Sample items will be shown, and discussion from attendees as to their personal experiences will be encouraged. This workshop will appeal to a wide range of individuals on the Transgender spectrum who wish to enhance and improve on their overall look and presentation.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Socializing, TransFeminine

Celebrating Trans Joy!
10:30 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Penn Harris B

Mx. Corinne
Trans joy is about claiming one’s identity and celebrating it - and that is one of the best things about attending a conference like Keystone. When we are in and surrounded by Community it is easy to feel joyful. But what about when we leave? This interactive workshop will explore the concept of "Trans Joy" including how we can celebrate our transness 365 days a year, what that means for ourselves/others and how it can impact our community's future. Come, celebrate, and share your stories!

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Relationships, Socializing, Spouses/Signification Others, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Wellness, Youth

Consent, Boundaries, and Gender Dysphoria
2:00 PM on Thu, Mar 23 in Lochiel
*This workshop qualifies for Continuing Education Credit

One in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives. Some reports estimate that transgender survivors may experience rates of sexual assault up to 66 percent (U.S. Justice Dept). The transgender community could benefit as much as, if not more than, any people group from comprehensive sexual assault/domestic violence education. The problem is that these programs are not widely known and that most are not trans-inclusive. As a Prevention & Outreach Advocate myself, working in a dual SA/DV services agency in York, PA, I can attest to the ways in which popular curricula have adapted to be gender-inclusive in terms of what configuration partnerships take on (same-sex and heterosexual partnerships are often found in each set of scenarios/case-studies). As a transgender woman though, I can also attest to the ways that trans identities and trans problems are erased from these same curricula. Unfortunately, this contributes to a societal unspoken rule on trans silence: find yourself in the language and cultural norms of cissexism or don't participate at all.

Gender dysphoria, while not a universal trans experience, is an overwhelmingly common one. This workshop asks, "How do we teach consent differently if we take into account the unique sexualities of transgender people (BDSM, for example, is more common in our community than among the general public) and the bodily experience of gender dysphoria. We will learn the FRIES (Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, Specific) and Safe, Sane, and Consensual models and explore how to apply, adapt, or change these to better serve our transgender siblings' specific needs.

Boundaries and consent are intrinsically tied. We learn what a boundary is and ways in which people set them, self-care for when a (non-sexual) boundary gets crossed, and common obstacles to setting boundaries (fear of abandonment, shame, embarrassment, etc.). Partners will be encouraged to support their partners learning to set boundaries. Conversation starters such as, "What does it look like when you get dysphoric" will go a long way toward understanding this change in the body, mind, and spirit as a kind of boundary. This is critically important if the dysphoria sufferer is unable to speak, due to disability, a physical impediment such as a gag, or a psychological dissociation/flashback.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Professional Education, Relationships, Spouses/Signification Others, TransFeminine, TransMasculine

Discovering the Impact of Listening to Every Voice
10:30 AM on Fri, Mar 24 in Lochiel

Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden are the Co-Founders and Co-Chief Encouragement Officers of the Pennsylvania-based nonprofit Someone To Tell It To, which helps the world to listen. They are podcast hosts, the authors of four books, bloggers, and public speakers on the art and science of listening.

Someone To Tell It To's teams of listeners have had more than 18,000 listening interactions during the past decade. We have trained over 800 people to be more intentional and relational listeners, as well. Not only do we listen in person to individuals, families, and groups of people, but we also listen to people virtually - through email, the phone, texting, Facebook private messaging, Zoom, WhatsApp, and other platforms. We meet people where and in whatever forum they are most comfortable and feel safest to share. This also has enabled us to listen to people across 25 U.S. states and 12 nations around the world. Our training work has taken us in businesses, colleges and universities, hospitals and healthcare institutions, schools, places of worship, hospices, funeral homes, civic organizations, and other nonprofits. Our podcasts have featured guest who also value the vital role that listening plays in everyday professional and personal lives. Our books relate stories of the life-changing role that listening plays and offer practical tips on how to listen better to one another to change the culture of organizations and to strengthen relationships in an increasingly fractured, lonely, and emotionally disconnected world.

Our workshop, based on the theme of our third book - "Listening 2by2: A Paradigm Shift for Leaders (That's When the Magic Happens!)" - will feature a short training seminar in Someone To Tell It To's 2by2 listening and presentation model. These six topics will be included:

1. Starting with a Belief (about listening),
2. Creating the Space (for listening),
3. Asking Good Questions (to help others open up and feel safe),
4. Listening Intentionally (for the meaning in what is spoken and unspoken),
5. Reaching for Your Tools (to enable good listening), and
6. Taking Time for Self-Care (since listening is often hard and vulnerable work).

The presentation of the topics will be followed by a series of listening interactions that show both helpful and unhelpful environments and responses for listening well.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice listening in pairs and being listened to by pairs of listeners, and to ask questions about Someone To Tell It To's listening, training, and educational experiences over the past decade.

This workshop will be interactive, relational, and illuminating. It will help participants to better understand the dynamics enabling good listening and will offer the practical tools necessary to growing one's listening abilities.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Relationships, Safety, Socializing, Voice, Wellness, Workplace

Drumming Circle - Unlock Inner Peace and Spark Personal Joy Through Sound & Play
2:00 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in William Penn

Sarah Paz
Ready to find your inner voice and move to the beat of your own drum? Join handpan musician and the founder of Super Bloom Women’s Handpan Retreat for an interactive and immersive drum circle, play lab, laughter (yoga) and more. Sarah believes that there are musical (creative) seeds in all of us. In cultivating curiosity and imagination these seeds grow, and eventually thrive, if we let them bloom in abundance. This directly ripples into other facets of life. In this Play Lab Workshop, we will explore new beginnings through sound exploration, with the handpan as our guide. The process of discovery doesn’t have to end just because we "become adults"! Channel your inner self, unlock the key to your next personal evolution and share a memorable experience you won’t discover at any other conference. This is an event like no other and you may be surprised the joy that fills your heart and the peace that radiates through your body. No instrumental or musical experience necessary – all are welcome. Recommended to bring water and if you prefer, dress comfortably as you will have an option to sit in a chair or on the floor while holding the instruments.

Interest Tags: Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Relationships, Safety, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Spouses/Signification Others, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Voice, Wellness, Youth

End Game Discussion Group: How to Celebrate & Manage a Partly Out Lifestyle from the Big Moments to the End-All Burn Box
3:30 PM on Sat, Mar 25 in Governor

Ms. Sonia
A discussion group led by Sonia Swann, the significant other of a “partly out” partner who is pursuing a Master’s Thesis on the topic. Share your experience, troubleshoot and ask the big questions like how to have a wedding or memorial that honors your entire life and includes all your circles of loved ones. Can’t participate in person? Please support Sonia’s research by completing the anonymous survey at . . .(link to be provided soon). There will be no recordings, and no personal data collected. There will be a person to take notes and snacks!

Finding Your Voice As a Transgender Writer
3:30 PM on Thu, Mar 23 in Harrisburger A

Increasingly, transgender viewpoints, and transgender ideology, have been drowned out in the cacophony of hateful rhetoric that comes at us on a daily basis. The transgender community must raise its voice against these existential threats: every voice matters, and every ally matters. Your unique viewpoint is important to share. As an experienced professional writer, I want to share the tips, tricks, and insights I have gained over the last two years and discuss:

Why you should be writing - Why is it important to talk about our lives in our voice
Finding your voice - Writing and editing as skills
What Sells? - What are readers looking for? What grabs them?
Where is your market - resources - who wants to hear from the transgender?

I write enthusiastic, positive messages about transgender lives and the community. I believe that I can inspire others to take the pen and show how our lives are both unique and very ordinary. And in doing so, we can increase acceptance across all of society.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Professional Education, TransFeminine, TransMasculine

Free to Pee: Trans Access to Public Restrooms
9:00 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Harrisburger A

Ms. Laura
Public restrooms have become a major site of conflict over trans rights. This is nothing new in architectural history. The restroom has always been a cultural battlefield during periods of social change. Earlier battles addressed access by women, racial integration, access for people with disabilities, to list only the most obvious. The conflicts over trans access have neglected the importance of design in advancing social change. Although policy change is critical, in the end, design will determine whether trans access works well in our workplaces and civic spaces. We are now learning how to design public restrooms that transcend gender stereotypes and are also safer, easier to use, more convenient, increase privacy, and reduce anxiety for all building users. Building owners and the public need to know how to adopt best practices and the trans and gender diverse community is best prepared to help.

A university-based research team is learning how to advance trans inclusion. The team is conducting research and developing a public education program, including an exhibit and online resource, on inclusive restroom design. The workshop will describe the initiative and engage the attendees in helping to shape the further development of the project. The first half of the workshop will include a brief history of public restroom design, a description of the research, examples of best practices and a description of the educational program. The second half will focus on Q&A and discussion. The team is eager to obtain suggestions for improving the research and education methods and engage the trans and gender diverse community in its efforts. As part of the program, attendees will also be asked to submit stories of trans experience in restrooms, questions, and ideas, for inclusion in the planned exhibit and web resource.

Attendees will…

1. Learn about leading edge efforts to design and build inclusive restrooms
2. Learn how cisgender people perceive inclusive restroom designs
3. Learn how they can help improve trans inclusion through advocacy and education
4. Contribute to the public education and advocacy effort

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Legal, Non-Binary, Professional Education, Safety, TransFeminine, TransPeople of Color, Wellness, Workplace, Youth

From Consideration to Recovery – How to Plan Ahead for the Practical Aspects of Gender Confirming Surgeries
2:00 PM on Thu, Mar 23 in Bridgeport

Ms. Maggie

Dr. Judith

Ms. Stacie
Dozens of questions arise when planning any Gender Confirming Surgery. Many aspects are very personal, but there are common pragmatic considerations. What questions should I ask my doctor? What support will I need during recovery? For how long? Often you have no one with experience to guide you on the practical aspects of surgery. Google, YouTube, and your surgeon are all helpful resources, but none are very organized or give a comprehensive roadmap on what to expect and how to prepare yourself. Our workshop will look at preparing a step-by-step ‘Cope-Ahead Plan’ to ease the process and ensure your success. From questions to ask the surgeon to shopping lists for recovery, we will try to nail down everything you need to know and expect.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Spouses/Signification Others, Surgery, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, Wellness

From Me to We: Navigating Money in Transition
10:30 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Governor
*This workshop qualifies for Continuing Education Credit

Ms. Beth

Ms. Holly

Ms. Janelle

Ms. Lauren
Join Beth McKinley (she/her) of Roots Financial Group at Thrivent, as she hosts a panel discussion with couples and individuals who have navigated the finances of transitioning. Attendees will learn how to identify values and attitudes about money, set goals- both individually and as a couple- and discover tools and tactics to help you navigate talking about money with your loved ones. No products will be sold.

Getting Insurance To Pay For Hair Removal
2:00 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Harrisburger B

Mr. James W
Walker VII

Ms. Lexi
Strategies for negotiating the maze of insurance blockades between you and the insurance company approving your hair removal.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Image & Presentation, Socializing, Surgery, TransFeminine, TransPeople of Color, Wellness, Youth

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow
9:00 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Penn Harris B

Ms. Shauna
Offering knowledge on the nature of hair and hair loss. Helping others understand the wide variety of techniques, products and services available. Whether you are interested in working with the hair you have, keeping your own hair and adding to it, using your own hair as a base for more voluminous hair or completely covering your hair to have a whole new look. Teaching that hair issues occur with every type of person no matter how they arrived to life. And that almost any look can be achieved with proper products and techniques.

Hello World! Taking Those First Steps Out and Maximizing Your Experience at Keystone
10:00 AM on Wed, Mar 22 in Harrisburger

Ms. Coleen

Ms. Jenny

Ms. Sharon
Are you ready to take your first trip to a salon, shopping and dining out as your authentic self? Members of the Vanity Club, the Debutante Team and the Helping Hand Program will share their trade secrets to feeling comfortable and confident when heading out into the world as your authentic self. These volunteers will also be your guides for all your afternoon activities as you venture out to shop, dine and have your nails done at the salon!

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Non-Binary, Safety, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color

Immersive Sound Meditation with the Handpan
3:30 PM on Thu, Mar 23 in William Penn

Sarah Paz
Transition occurs on many levels and we are all collectively transitioning now from winter into spring, from the chaos of the outside world into inner peace. Join us for a break from the hustle and bustle of the conference with this relaxing immersive sound meditation which will be infused by the melodic, shamanic qualities of the handpan and frame drum. Interwoven with vocalizations, and an assortment of instruments inspired by the natural world – the 4 elements of Air, Wind, Water & Fire – we will oscillate between the stillness of silence and movement of sound to more deeply integrate elemental balance within. Please arrive comfortably. There will be chairs available for a seated experience, and floor space for a more restful position laying down. Please bring a yoga mat, pillows or bolsters if you wish, and consider bringing water or tea for grounding afterward.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Professional Education, Relationships, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Spouses/Signification Others, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Voice, Wellness, Workplace, Youth

Intersex People, The “I” in The LGBTQIA Community
10:30 AM on Fri, Mar 24 in Governor


Have you ever heard the word "intersex" before and wondered what it meant? About 2% of the population is intersex, and many of these individuals go through life never knowing it. The two presenters at this workshop, both intersex people, will discuss aspects of living and working in the intersex community. You'll get the intersex 101 and history of key issues for the community, learn important ways you can show up for intersex community members, and hear personal narratives of intersex experiences.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Image & Presentation, Non-Binary, Relationships, Spouses/Signification Others, Surgery, Youth

IPA's and IRA's
3:30 PM on Sat, Mar 25 in Ad Lib Restaurant

Ms. Beth
Financial topics seem to make the news every day. Should the headlines you see influence the decision you make regarding your financial strategy? Join us as Beth McKinley (she/her) of Roots Financial Group at Thrivent hosts an early happy hour in the hotel bar. We will discuss how to use the latest economic data to help you make informed decisions about your money. We know talking about finances can be difficult. We have found that difficult things are often easier with your friends and an IPA in hand. The first 20 guests will receive a complimentary beer on tap. No products will be sold.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Finance

Journal Your Dreams Workshop
2:00 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Metropolitan C

(Scheduled to follow “Dare to Dream Big” if possible) A fun and informative workshop on how to visualize and manifest your dream as your authentic self. This workshop was part of Girl’s Night Out” at last Year’s conference and is a great follow up to Liz’s “Dare to Dream Big” presentation. You’ll be designing and decorating your own journal to use throughout your Keystone Conference experience and take home to continue your Dream Building journey. (Presented by Liz Tattersall)

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Socializing

Living with Crossdressing: Discovering Your True Identity
3:30 PM on Sat, Mar 25 in Leland

Ms. Savannah
Are you living with a partner who is a crossdresser? Are you living with the knowledge that you are a male crossdresser? Are you a cis-woman partner of a man who crossdresses? Are you struggling with what it means to be in a relationship with a man who you have discovered – by accident or his own admission – enjoys wearing feminine clothing? Join me as I set out to uncover some of the reasons why so many men (including myself) dress as women. Discover real couples who are looking for a new balance in their relationships, including the point of views of the women who decided to stand by their... ahem... men as they learn to better understand their crossdresser and learn how to cope and thrive. Somewhere amid the misconceptions, stereotypes, and ignorance is the truth about non-transitioning, non-fetish, crossdressing men. But more than that is the strength and care of the women who continue to love and support them.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Relationships, Spouses/Signification Others

Manifesting Body Euphoria through Movement
10:30 AM on Sat, Mar 25 in Bridgeport

Mx. Jules
Jules X. Grace is a trans non-binary, gender expansive dancer with over ten years of experience in solo and partner dance styles. Through these ten years, dance and movement practices have been some of the main portals to gender euphoria for them. As they learned how to free their body from expected movement types and roles, they found that this same movement gave them new ideas about freeing themselves from oppressive expectations and roles of sexuality and gender. This workshop will be an exploration in solo and partner movement with dance stylings from ecstatic dance, fusion dance, vogue, contemporary and contact improv. We will dive into practicing movement solo and in partnerships as both a lead and a follow. Come along on a journey of music and movement as you are invited to find your own portals to gender euphoria. Comfortable clothing is suggested but not required.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Spouses/Signification Others, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Wellness, Youth

Mapping Your Transgender Journey
2:00 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Penn Harris B

Ms. Lilia

Ms. Jennifer
Living a full life as a transgender person is much more than transition and surgery. Sure, that can be part, but do you have a plan for your life? Maybe you are just starting out, have decided you are transgender, and you are trying to figure out what is next. Are you comfortable where your journey has taken you? Do you have a plan for something else? Are you planning for a happy and full life? In this workshop Jen and Lilia will discuss what they feel are some of the important things to consider when you plan and navigate your journey. They will share some of their experiences and also some observations. We'll talk about what has worked and what hasn’t.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Relationships, Socializing, Wellness, Workplace

Medical Conditions That Can Affect Your Transition Experience
3:30 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Governor

Ms. Christine
There are medical issues that you may need to be aware of when going through transition / HRT. Medical teams are not always aware of them, so you may need to be your own advocate, as they can affect the effectiveness of your treatments. I will share my experiences with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Hypo-Thyroidism, Reverse Ossification, and others and how they have affected my medical transition experience over time.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Professional Education, Surgery, Wellness

My Life Today as a Transgender Woman
3:30 PM on Sat, Mar 25 in Lochiel

Ms. Karen
Living a normal life being happy and my true self as a woman, but God had other plans for me.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Military/Veterans, Non-Binary, Relationships, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Surgery, TransFeminine, TransPeople of Color, Workplace

Professionally Styled
2:00 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Harrisburger A

Polish your professional self to energize and deliver your best within your career. We will discuss owning your style and presenting confidently in a professional environment; blending your interests into your style to fit with your company’s parameters; and the importance of coming prepared to deliver your skills and company research. Spoiler alert, it’s not all about the clothes. Whether you’re freshly entering the workforce or looking for some clarity on your personal image as professional, come listen and learn, and be ready to participate.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Image & Presentation, Non-Binary, Professional Education, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, Workplace

Telling Your Story: The How, When, Why, Who and What of Telling Your Gender Journey Story
10:30 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Harrisburger B


Rav. Levi

Rev. Monica
Stories are powerful things. They can challenge and inspire us. They also help us to connect to each other. By sharing your gender journey story, your challenges, hopes, dreams, and joys you can make important connections. If the story is well thought out and communicated, it can provide compelling context into who you are and an understanding of the “why” behind your gender journey. In this presentation, you will hear video-taped accounts of gender-journey stories from Rabbi Levi Alter and Rev. Monica Joy Cross and what happened as a result of their sharing. Attendees will have an opportunity to frame and share their gender story in a small group. As a minister to the transgender community for over 20 years, I have seen how coming out as trans and attempting to maintain relationships can be difficult to navigate. Although support for those who identify as transgender is gaining advocates, many in business and mainstream faith communities are just ignorant of transgender issues, and therefore unsupportive. Telling our stories can help to change that.

The workshop includes: 1. Workshop outline that covers the how, when, why, who and what of sharing your gender story. This tool will help you understand your motives, who you need to share to and the best timing on when to share your gender journey. 2. There will be a worksheet available for partners and advocates which will cover, “How to support a loved-one’s, partner’s or friend’s gender journey.” 3. Identify potential problem areas with business, family, friends and spiritual community relationships as you share your gender journey. 4. Learn how to connect with others by partnering with them and supporting their stories. 5. Understand the difference between what we want to communicate, what we actually communicate, and how it is received. 6. Age-specific information and how to present it when sharing your story.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Relationships, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color

The Ones We’re Closest to are Sometimes the Hardest to Reach
10:30 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Harrisburger A
*This workshop qualifies for Continuing Education Credit


Mx. Miranda
How to talk to our family about our transition. Maintaining healthy communication with family members is a tough dynamic at the best of times, but when a lifelong identity has changed the dynamics of the group shift on many levels and from different perspectives. We will identify strategies to help maintain open communication to avoid the frustration, anger, and pain that can divide us. We will also talk about how to tailor your “coming out”, or discussions about gender, with different members of your family, realizing that different relationships require different approaches.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Relationships

The Transformative Power to Choose Love
2:00 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Bridgeport

Rev. Dr. Kathryn Helms shares a message of love and hope in the telling of the story of her youngest adult child coming out as transgender male to female approximately one year ago. She speaks of her personal experience as a mom to choose love and shares the love lessons her transgender daughter has taught her. Discussion of their one-year collaboration to write their newest book The Underwater Ballerina: Two Sides to Transition- The Story of a Daughter’s Transition Told Through the Eyes of Herself and her Mother will be included. Personally signed copies or pre-orders will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Relationships, Voice

Trans Truth... Finding Your Way
9:00 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Harrisburger B

Dr. Gwen
Your TRUTH VISION requires you to be committed to it. You must be married to it. Your TRUTH VISION doesn't want some of your commitment, it wants ALL your commitment. It doesn't want some of your time, it wants ALL OF YOUR TIME. This session will give you a roadmap to not only see your truth more clearly but give you the building blocks and strategies to discover who you really are.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Image & Presentation, Military/Veterans, TransFeminine, Wellness, Youth

Transgender Sports Participation
10:30 AM on Sat, Mar 25 in Harrisburger A

Ms. Christine
Another year and more research, more controversies, more changes. Come get an update on the latest news surrounding the topic. Of interest for those participating or thinking of participating in a competitive sport.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Safety, Socializing

Transgender/Gender Diverse Workforce Readiness
3:30 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Harrisburger B
*This workshop qualifies for Continuing Education Credit

Dr. Gennifer
This curriculum is designed for transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive individuals who are seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce, or who are looking to change jobs or careers. Prior attendees of these cohorts have included individuals who have never held formal employment, as well as individuals who have completed graduate-level education and have many years of work experience. The curriculum includes slide presentations on workforce readiness skills as well as ample time for individualized discussion. The emphasis on discussion enables the material and experience to be tailored to the needs of cohort attendees. This section provides some considerations and suggestions for managing the discussion portions of the curriculum.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Professional Education, Socializing, Workplace

US Department of Veterans Affairs - Proudly Serving All Who Served
10:30 AM on Fri, Mar 24 in Leland
*This workshop qualifies for Continuing Education Credit


Mr. Donald
VA Medical Centers and VA Community Clinics provide a full range of primary care, mental health, medical specialty and surgical care options for ALL qualified Veterans including members of the LGBTQ+ community. This workshop will review the most recent VHA directives regarding health care specifically for LGBTQ+ Veterans and how all VHA medical centers and community clinics are prepared to treat the healthcare of qualified Veterans no matter what their gender identity is. Come hear how VHA supports healthcare for our LGBTQ+ Veterans.

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Military/Veterans, Spouses/Signification Others

Where Do You Fit Under the Transgender Umbrella?
3:30 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Bridgeport

Ms. Lisa
Not sure where you fit, let's talk about it. The transgender community is a beautiful bouquet of labels and identities. How do you know where you belong, and which is the right path for you? Do you align with the idea of being binary but struggle with enjoying the duality of being male and female? Do you connect less with being binary and feel more gender fluid or non-binary? Are you living a dual gender life voluntarily or because you feel you can't or shouldn't transition? In this open group discussion, led by S. Lisa Smith, all attendees are welcome to contribute their feelings and questions with the group in their journey of self-discovery. The only valid definition is the one you create!!!

Interest Tags: Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, TransFeminine, TransMasculine

Yes! You Can Become an LGBTQ+ Advocate
9:00 AM on Sat, Mar 25 in Governor

Mx. Corinne
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Lazy or ambitious? Out and loud or stealth? Queer or a queer ally? No matter how you describe yourself, there are many ways that you can take action to become a better advocate for LGBTQ+ people. In this interactive workshop we will explore what an advocate is and the actions big and small that you can take to make a difference!

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Legal, Non-Binary, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color

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