March 22nd - 26th, 2023

2023 Workshops & Seminars - Aging

A Body-Affirming Approach to Health & Happiness: Putting the Fun Back in Fritos
3:30 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Penn Harris B

The $73 Billion Diet Industry and the $808 Billion Health Care Industry would lead you to believe that the most successful pathway to health and happiness is through weight loss. But what if that hasn’t worked for you? And what about the damage dieting causes? Even when prescribed by a physician, dieting has serious physical and emotional side effects like weight cycling, preoccupation with food and body, disordered eating behaviors, decreased self-esteem, and depression. As a former chronic dieter, Health Coach and Intuitive Eating Counselor, Tracy Hess, helps her clients break free of diets and achieve greater physical, mental, and emotional health AND experience more pleasure in their relationship with food by embracing a non-restrictive Intuitive Eating approach. Learn how to drop the guilt and judgment of diets and enjoy eating again, all while achieving your health and wellness goals in this liberating seminar.

Interest Tags: Aging, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Military/Veterans, Non-Binary, Professional Education, Spouses/Signification Others, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Wellness, Youth

Brows and Brow Sculpting
3:30 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in Lochiel

Learn how to draw on a new brow with Selena. learn to draw, sculpt and create the brow that fits your face.

Interest Tags: Aging, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Youth

Diet Despair – The Uplifting Support Group for Anyone Struggling with Weight & Body Dissatisfaction
10:30 AM on Sat, Mar 25 in Lochiel

Come prepared for a wave of compassion, love and support with this opportunity to share and learn real information about your health including effective tools to rediscover the joy of eating and a happier and healthier approach to loving your body. If you are worried about gaining weight from hormones, the stress of surgery and trauma of lifestyle change with transition, this is the group discussion for you led by former chronic dieter and Intuitive Eating Counselor Tracy Hess.

Drumming Circle - Unlock Inner Peace and Spark Personal Joy Through Sound & Play
2:00 PM on Fri, Mar 24 in William Penn

Sarah Paz
Ready to find your inner voice and move to the beat of your own drum? Join handpan musician and the founder of Super Bloom Women’s Handpan Retreat for an interactive and immersive drum circle, play lab, laughter (yoga) and more. Sarah believes that there are musical (creative) seeds in all of us. In cultivating curiosity and imagination these seeds grow, and eventually thrive, if we let them bloom in abundance. This directly ripples into other facets of life. In this Play Lab Workshop, we will explore new beginnings through sound exploration, with the handpan as our guide. The process of discovery doesn’t have to end just because we "become adults"! Channel your inner self, unlock the key to your next personal evolution and share a memorable experience you won’t discover at any other conference. This is an event like no other and you may be surprised the joy that fills your heart and the peace that radiates through your body. No instrumental or musical experience necessary – all are welcome. Recommended to bring water and if you prefer, dress comfortably as you will have an option to sit in a chair or on the floor while holding the instruments.

Interest Tags: Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Relationships, Safety, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Spouses/Signification Others, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Voice, Wellness, Youth

End Game Discussion Group: How to Celebrate & Manage a Partly Out Lifestyle from the Big Moments to the End-All Burn Box
3:30 PM on Sat, Mar 25 in Governor

Ms. Sonia
A discussion group led by Sonia Swann, the significant other of a “partly out” partner who is pursuing a Master’s Thesis on the topic. Share your experience, troubleshoot and ask the big questions like how to have a wedding or memorial that honors your entire life and includes all your circles of loved ones. Can’t participate in person? Please support Sonia’s research by completing the anonymous survey at . . .(link to be provided soon). There will be no recordings, and no personal data collected. There will be a person to take notes and snacks!

Engaging Eyes
9:00 AM on Fri, Mar 24 in Harrisburger B

Eye makeup is extremely important in everyday makeup. It is the first thing you notice about someone. Good eye makeup can hide any flaws in your face by it simply being the center of attention. In this workshop you will learn how to properly set your eyes for the perfect eyeshadow. You will be shown a simple and natural day time look that can easily be transitioned into a smokey night-time look. We hope you can join this workshop and remember; lashes speak louder than words!

Interest Tags: Aging, Gender Affirming, Image & Presentation, Youth

Flawless Foundation
10:30 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Lochiel

The condition of our skin can make a huge difference to how confident and in control we feel each day. A seamless veil of the good stuff, blended imperceptibly with our own skin, in a shade perfectly suited to our skin tone can make all the difference. There's a lot to consider and know before applying your favorite foundation. This workshop covers how to prep the skin to make the foundation lay oh-so-perfectly and last all day You may get tired, but your make-up shouldn't!

Interest Tags: Aging, Gender Affirming, Image & Presentation, Youth

Free to Pee: Trans Access to Public Restrooms
9:00 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Harrisburger A

Ms. Laura
Public restrooms have become a major site of conflict over trans rights. This is nothing new in architectural history. The restroom has always been a cultural battlefield during periods of social change. Earlier battles addressed access by women, racial integration, access for people with disabilities, to list only the most obvious. The conflicts over trans access have neglected the importance of design in advancing social change. Although policy change is critical, in the end, design will determine whether trans access works well in our workplaces and civic spaces. We are now learning how to design public restrooms that transcend gender stereotypes and are also safer, easier to use, more convenient, increase privacy, and reduce anxiety for all building users. Building owners and the public need to know how to adopt best practices and the trans and gender diverse community is best prepared to help.

A university-based research team is learning how to advance trans inclusion. The team is conducting research and developing a public education program, including an exhibit and online resource, on inclusive restroom design. The workshop will describe the initiative and engage the attendees in helping to shape the further development of the project. The first half of the workshop will include a brief history of public restroom design, a description of the research, examples of best practices and a description of the educational program. The second half will focus on Q&A and discussion. The team is eager to obtain suggestions for improving the research and education methods and engage the trans and gender diverse community in its efforts. As part of the program, attendees will also be asked to submit stories of trans experience in restrooms, questions, and ideas, for inclusion in the planned exhibit and web resource.

Attendees will…

1. Learn about leading edge efforts to design and build inclusive restrooms
2. Learn how cisgender people perceive inclusive restroom designs
3. Learn how they can help improve trans inclusion through advocacy and education
4. Contribute to the public education and advocacy effort

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Gender Affirming, Legal, Non-Binary, Professional Education, Safety, TransFeminine, TransPeople of Color, Wellness, Workplace, Youth

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow
9:00 AM on Thu, Mar 23 in Penn Harris B

Ms. Shauna
Offering knowledge on the nature of hair and hair loss. Helping others understand the wide variety of techniques, products and services available. Whether you are interested in working with the hair you have, keeping your own hair and adding to it, using your own hair as a base for more voluminous hair or completely covering your hair to have a whole new look. Teaching that hair issues occur with every type of person no matter how they arrived to life. And that almost any look can be achieved with proper products and techniques.

Immersive Sound Meditation with the Handpan
3:30 PM on Thu, Mar 23 in William Penn

Sarah Paz
Transition occurs on many levels and we are all collectively transitioning now from winter into spring, from the chaos of the outside world into inner peace. Join us for a break from the hustle and bustle of the conference with this relaxing immersive sound meditation which will be infused by the melodic, shamanic qualities of the handpan and frame drum. Interwoven with vocalizations, and an assortment of instruments inspired by the natural world – the 4 elements of Air, Wind, Water & Fire – we will oscillate between the stillness of silence and movement of sound to more deeply integrate elemental balance within. Please arrive comfortably. There will be chairs available for a seated experience, and floor space for a more restful position laying down. Please bring a yoga mat, pillows or bolsters if you wish, and consider bringing water or tea for grounding afterward.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Professional Education, Relationships, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Spouses/Signification Others, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Voice, Wellness, Workplace, Youth

Manifesting Body Euphoria through Movement
10:30 AM on Sat, Mar 25 in Bridgeport

Mx. Jules
Jules X. Grace is a trans non-binary, gender expansive dancer with over ten years of experience in solo and partner dance styles. Through these ten years, dance and movement practices have been some of the main portals to gender euphoria for them. As they learned how to free their body from expected movement types and roles, they found that this same movement gave them new ideas about freeing themselves from oppressive expectations and roles of sexuality and gender. This workshop will be an exploration in solo and partner movement with dance stylings from ecstatic dance, fusion dance, vogue, contemporary and contact improv. We will dive into practicing movement solo and in partnerships as both a lead and a follow. Come along on a journey of music and movement as you are invited to find your own portals to gender euphoria. Comfortable clothing is suggested but not required.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Non-Binary, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Spouses/Signification Others, TransFeminine, TransMasculine, TransPeople of Color, Wellness, Youth

My Life Today as a Transgender Woman
3:30 PM on Sat, Mar 25 in Lochiel

Ms. Karen
Living a normal life being happy and my true self as a woman, but God had other plans for me.

Interest Tags: Advocacy, Aging, Experience Sharing/Discussion, Family/Friends, Gender Affirming, Military/Veterans, Non-Binary, Relationships, Socializing, Spirituality/Religion, Surgery, TransFeminine, TransPeople of Color, Workplace

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